Records and Files of the
Quarterly Courts of Essex County
Volume VIII

Edited by George Francis Dow
Transcribed and Abstracted from the Original Court Manuscript by Harriet S. Tapley

Published and Copyrighted by the Essex Institute

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(Ipswich)    September 1680 Page 1
(Salem)      November 1680 Page 24
(Ipswich)    March 1681 Page 65
(Salem)      June 1681 Page 105
(Ipswich)    September 1681 Page 150
(Salem)      November 1681 Page 187
(Ipswich)    March 1682 Page 241
(Ipswich)    May 1682 Page 291
(Salem)      June 1682 Page 318
(Salem)      August 1682 Page 365
(Ipswich)    September 1682 Page 372
(Salem)      November 1682 Page 394
Richard Blinman's (Blindman) farm Pages 107
James Allin's farm Pages 119
a draft of the meadow and Plum Iland Pages 169
James Allen's farm Pages 313
contested marshland of John Burnam,
  near Chabacko (Chebaco) River
  and Brabrook's (Brabrok's) Island
Pages 376
another drawing of Burnam's marshland
  (also called Cobet's marsh)
Pages 409
Surveys Pages 390-393

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