The History of Salem Massachusetts

by Sidney Perley
Volume I


Chapter I. Natural Characteristics. Page 1
Chapter II. The Indians. Page 24
Chapter III. Discoveries, Explorations and Patents. Page 51
Chapter IV. The Old Planters. Page 60
Chapter V. The Coming of Endecott. Page 89
Chapter VI. The Immigration of 1629. Page 102
Chapter VII. Institution of Government. Page 143
Chapter VIII. Founding of the Church. Page 151
Chapter IX. Military Defence. Page 171
Chapter X. Sickness and Death. Page 177
Chapter XI. Seat of Goverment Removed from Salem. Page 185
Chapter XII. Labor, Etc. Page 199
Chapter XIII. Coming of Roger Williams. Page 227
Chapter XIV. The Red Cross Incident. Page 259
Chapter XV. Banishment of Roger Williams. Page 264
Chapter XVI. Coming of Hugh Peter. Page 278
Chapter XVII. Establishment of the Town. Page 309
Chapter XVIII. Life in the Colony. Page 320
Chapter XIX. Establishment of the Court. Page 334
Chapter XX. Fishing and Shipbuilding. Page 365
Chapter XXI. The Ferries. Page 404
Chapter XXII. The Pequot War. Page 409
Chapter XXIII. The Notorious Venner. Page 417
Chapter XXIV. Heresy. Page 437
Land Grants. A. Page 454
Land Grants. B. Page 460
Index. Page 467

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