The History of Salem Massachusetts

by Sidney Perley
Volume III


Chapter I. New Settlers. Page 1
Chapter II. New Town House. Page 45
Chapter III. Taverns and Temperance. Page 78
Chapter IV. King Philip's War. Page 87
Chapter V. Military. Page 100
Chapter VI. Domesticity. Page 120
Chapter VII. Common Lands. Page 130
Chapter VIII. Coming of Bradstreet. Page 134
Chapter IX. Corwin Burglary. Page 178
Chapter X. Huguenot Immigration. Page 189
Chapter XI. Administration of Andros. Page 208
Chapter XII. Provisional Government. Page 223
Chapter XIII. Provincial Government. Page 247
Chapter XIV. The Witchcraft Delusion. Page 254
Chapter XV. Commerce. Page 296
Chapter XVI. Trial of Thomas Maule. Page 323
Chapter XVII. Death of Gov. Simon Bradstreet. Page 344
Chapter XVIII. The Conflagration of 1698. Page 347
Chapter XIX. New Meeting House in Salem Village. Page 359
Chapter XX. Death of Rev. John Higginson. Page 382
Chapter XXI. Middle Precinct Parish. Page 388
Chapter XXII. Rial Side Parish. Page 399
Chapter XXIII. Rev. Peter Clark. Page 411
Appendix: Page 419
Index. Page 423

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