Building the Salem Witchcraft GIS

Digitizing the Upham Map

G. Identify Existing Features

The first step in establishing control points was to identify features on Upham's Map that could be reliably located today. We needed as many points as we could readily get, and needed them as widely dispersed as possible.

After review of the map and comparison with contemporary documents, we decided to use the following features as control points.

ID# Mapsymbol Label
39 39 Joseph Putnam
48 48 Daniel Rea
68 68 Edward Bishop (Sawyer)
93 93 Sarah Holton
95 95 Francis Nurse
107 107 Rev. John Hale
148 + Nathaniel Ingersoll
149 [P Rev. Samuel Parris or The Parsonage
151 A Judge Jonathan Corwin
173 church (north) Site of Meeting House in 1692
174 church (south) Site of Meeting House since 1702
185 none Will's Hill
186 none Great Pond or Wenham Lake
187 none Hathorne's Hill
188 none Humphrey's Pond island
189 none Cedar Pond