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page 610

Examination accused her. she nottwithstanding denyed the same, according to her Examination, w'ch is more at Large given in as therein will appeare

   *John Hathorne Assis'ts

   *Johnathan. Corwin Assis'ts

   Note: Signatures do not appear at this place on original paper, sig. are written at bottom of Mittimus


( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Pages 6 & 7 )

(Examination of Sarah Osborne)

    Sarah Osburn her examination

   (H) what evil spirit have you familiarity with

   (O) none.

   (H) have you made no contract with the devill

   (O) no I never saw the devill in my life

   (H) why doe you hurt these children

   (O) I doe not hurt them

   (H) who do you imploy then to hurt them

   (O) I imploy no body

   (H) what familiarity have you with Sarah Good

   (O) none I have not seen her these 2 years.

   (H) where did you see her then

   (O) one day agoing to Town

   (H) what communications had you with her,

   (O) I had none, only how doe you doe or so, I did not know her by name

   (H) what did you call her then Osburn made a stand at that at last said, shee called her Sarah

   (H) Sarah good saith that it was you that hurt the children

   (O) I doe not know that the devil goes about in my likeness to doe any hurt

   Mr Harthorn desired all the children to stand up and look upon her and see if they did know her which they all did and every one of