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them said that this was one of the woman that did afflict them and that they had constantly seen her in the very habit that shee was now in, thiere evidence do stand that shee said this morning that shee was more like to be bewitched than that she was a witch Mr Harthorn asked her what made her say so shee answered that shee was frighted one time in her sleep and either saw or dreamed that shee saw a thing like an indian all black which did pinch her in her neck and pulled her by the back part of her head to the dore of the house

(H) did you never see anything else

(O) no.

it was said by some in the meeting house that shee had said that shee would never be teid to that lying spirit any more.

(H) what lying spirit is this hath the devil ever deceived you and been false to you.

(O) I doe not know the devil I never did see him

(H) what lying spirit was it then.

(O) it was a voice that I thought I heard

(H) what did it porpound to you.

(O) that I should goe no more to meeting but I said I would and did goe the next Sabbath day

(H) were you never tempted furder

(O) no

(H) why did you yeild thus far to the devil as never to goe to meeting since.

(O) alas. I have been sike and not able to goe her housband and others said that shee had not been at Meeting this yeare and two months.

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Pages 6-7 )

(Elizabeth Hubbard v. Sarah Osborne)

The Deposistion of Elizabeth Hubburd aged about 17 years who testifieth and saith that on the 16910227 27'th of february 1691/92 I saw the Apperishtion of sarah osborn who did most greviously tortor me by pricking and pinching me most dreadfully and so she continewed hurting me most greviously tell the

first of march 1691/92: being the