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   (Reverse) in the meeting house (be) Mary Walkott Marcy Lewis Eliz: Hubberd

   all these accused goody Nurce then to her face that she then hurt them &c and they saw besides the others on Contra Side


( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 19 )

(Examination of Rebecca Nurse)

   The examination of Rebekah Nurse at Salem Village

   24. mar. 1691/2

   Mr. Harthorn. What do you say (speaking to one afflicted) have you seen this Woman hurt you?

   Yes, she beat me this morning

   Abigial. Have you been hurt by this Woman?


   Ann Putman in a grievous fit cryed out that she hurt her.

   Goody Nurse, here are two An: Putman the child & Abigail Williams complains of your hurting them What do you say to it

   N. I can say before my Eternal father I am innocent, & God will clear my innocency

   Here is never a one in the Assembly but desires it, but if you be guilty Pray God discover you.

   Then Hen: Kenny rose up to speak

   Goodm: Kenny what do you say

   Then he entered his complaint & farther said that since this Nurse came into the house he was seizd twise with an amaz'd condition

   Here are not only these but, here is the wife of Mr Tho: Putman who accuseth you by credible information & that both of tempting her to iniquity, & of greatly hurting her.

   N. I am innocent & clear & have not been able to get out of doors these 8. or 9. dayes.

   Mr Putman: give in what you have to say

   Then Mr Edward Putman gave in his relate

   Is this true Goody Nurse

   I never afflicted no child never in my life