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page 585

   You see these accuse you, is it true


   Are you an innocent person relating to this Witchcraft.

   Here Tho: Putmans wife cryed out, Did you not bring the Black man with you, did you not bid me tempt God & dye How oft have you eat and drunk y'r own damaon What do you say to them

   Oh Lord help me, & spread out her hands, & the afflicted were greviously vexed

   Do you not see what a solemn condition these are in? when your hands are loose the pesons are afflicted.

   Then Mary Walcot (who often heretofore said she had seen her, but never could say or did say that she either bit or pincht her, or hurt her) & also Eliz: Hubbard under the like circumstances both openly accused her of hurting them

   Here are these 2 grown persons now accuse you, w't say you? Do not you see these afflicted persons, & hear them accuse you.

   The Lord knows I have not hurt them: I am an innocent person

   It is very awfull to all to see these agonies & you an old Professor thus charged with contracting with the Devil by the [a] effects of it & yet to see you stand with dry eyes when there are so many whet --

   You do not know my heart

   You would do well if you are guilty to confess & give Glory to God

   I am as clear as the child unborn

   What uncertainty there may be in apparitions I know not, yet this with me strikes hard upon you that you are at this very present charged with familiar spirits: this is your bodily person they speak to: they say now they see these familiar spirits com to your bodily #[spirits com to your bodily] person, now what do you say to that

   I have none Sir:

   If you have confess & give glory to God I pray God clear you if you be innocent, & if you are guilty discover you And therefore give me an upright answer: have you any familiarity with these spirits?

   No, I have none but with God alone.

   How came you sick for there is an odd discourse of that in the mouths of many --

   I am sick at my stumach --

   Have you no wounds