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page 586

   I have none but old age

   You do Know whither you are guilty, & have familiarity with the Devil, & now when you are here present to see such a thing as these testify a black man whispering in your ear, & birds about you what do you say to it

   It is all false I am clear

   Possibly you may apprehend you are no witch, but have you not been led aside by temptations that way

   I have not

   What a sad thing it is that a church member here & now an other of Salem, should be thus accused and charged

   Mrs Pope fell into a grevious fit, & cryed out a sad thing sure enough: And then many more fell into lamentable fits.

   Tell us have not you had visible appearances more than what is common in nature?

   I have noe nor never had in my life

   Do you think these suffer voluntary or involuntary

   I cannot tell

   That is strange every one can judge

   I must be silent

   They accuse you of hurting them, & if you think it is not unwillingly but by designe, you must look upon them as murderers

   I cannot tell what to think of it

   Afterwards when this was som what insisted on she said I do not think so: she did not understand aright what was said

   Well then give an answer now, do you think these suffer against their wills or not

   I do not think these suffer against their wills

   Why did you never visit these afflicted persons

   Because I was afraid I should have fits too

   Note Upon the motion of her body fitts followed upon the complainants abundantly & very frequently

   Is it not an unaccountable case that when you are examined these persons are afflicted?

   I have got no body to look to but God

   Again upon stirring her hands the afflicted persons were seized with violent fits of torture

   Do you beleive these afflicted persons are bewitcht

   I do think they are