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page 587

   When this Witchcraft came upon the stage there was no suspicion of Tituba (Mr Paris's Indian woman) she profest much love to that child Betty Paris, but it was her apparition did the mischief, & why should not you also be guilty, for your apparition doth hurt also.

   Would you have me bely my self --

   she held her Neck on one side, & accordingly so were the afflicted taken

   Then Authority requiring it Sam: Paris read what he had in characters taken from Mr Tho: Putmans wife in her fitts

   What do you think of this

   I cannot help it, the Devil may appear in my shape.

   This a true account of the sume of her examination but by reason of geat noyses by the afflicted & many speakers, many things are pretermitted


   Nurse held her neck on one sid & Eliz: Hubbard (one of the sufferers) had her neck set in that posture whereupon another Patient Abigail Williams cryed out set up Goody Nurses head the maid's neck will be broke & when some set up Nurses head Aaron Wey observed that Betty Hubbards was immediately righted

Salem Village March. 24'th 1691/2

   The Rever't Mr Samuell parris being desired to take in wrighting the Examination of Rebekah Nurse hath Returned itt as aforesaid

   Upon heareing the afores'd and seeing what wee then did see together with the Charge of the persons then present -- wee Committed Rebekah Nurse the wife of fran's Nurce of Salem village unto theire Majest's Goale in Salem as p a Mittimus then given out, in order to farther Examination

   *John Hathorne Assis'ts

   *Jonathan. Corwin Assis'ts

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 20 )