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   Salem March 5'th Sarah Good and titiba againe Examined. & in theire Examination titiba acknowledg the same she did formerly and accused the other two-aboves'd --

   titiba againe s'd the same

   p. us. *John Hathorne Assis'ts

   *Jonathan. Corwin Assis'ts


( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 7 )

(Examination of Tituba)

   The Examination of Titibe

   (H) Titibe what evil spirit have you familiarity with

   (T) none

   (H) why do you hurt these children

   (T) I do not hurt them

   (H) who is it then

   (T) the devil for ought I know

   (H) did you never see the devil.

   (T) the devil came to me and bid me serve him

   (H) who have you seen

   (T) 4 women sometimes hurt the children

   (H) who were they?

   (T) goode Osburn and Sarah good and I doe not know who the other were Sarah good and Osburne would have me hurt the children but I would not shee furder saith there was a tale man of Boston that shee did see

   (H) when did you see them

   (T) Last night at Boston

   (H) what did they say to you they said hurt the children

   (H) and did you hurt them

   (T) no there is 4 women and one man they hurt the children and then lay all upon me and they tell me if I will not hurt the children they will hurt me

   (H) but did you not hurt them

   (T) yes, but I will hurt them no more

   (H) are you not sorry you did hurt them.

   (T) yes.