Sarah Good (no Upham map #)

Born in 1653 to well-to-do innkeeper John Solart, Sarah Good¹s life was a struggle. Her father¹s estate was enmeshed in litigation after his death in 1672, and when finally settled, she was left with virtually nothing. Her first marriage to a poor indentured servant named Daniel Poole, ended with his death in 1686 and with his estate in debt. After her marriage, to William Good, the couple was forced to make good on her former husbands debts, and this left them in near poverty. Sarah was known to beg food and lodging in Salem Village for her family which in 1692 included two young children. Her sullen manner and mutterings at those who did not help her and her perceived curses upon them made her an unwelcome and suspicious neighbor. Following her arrest and eventual trial, Good was hanged on July 19, 1692, but not before her "suckling child dyed in prison." This infant daughter has been born in December 1691. (Richard Trask, The Devil hath Been Raised, 1997, pp. 125-26.)