Sarah Osburn (Upham map #40)

Born about 1643 in Watertown, Massachusetts, to John and Margaret Warren, Sarah Warren married Robert Prince in 1662. Robert¹s sister had married Capt. John Putnam and Robert had been able to secure a large property in the village close to his Putnam in-laws. He was a supported of village independence. When he died in 1674, Prince¹s estate was lift in trust to his wife Sarah with his two small sons to come into their possession upon maturity. Sarah purchased the indenture of an Irishman, Alexander Osburn, to oversee the farm, and much gossip ensured over their living arrangements until about 1677, when the two married. Osburn and his wife attempted to obtain full legal control over the Prince land. After her arrest an examination, Sarah Osburn was committed to jail, where she dies on May w10, 1692. (Richard Trask, The Devil Hath Been Raised, 1997, p. 128.)