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The Salem witchcraft papers, Volume 3 : verbatim transcipts of the legal documents of the Salem witchcraft outbreak of 1692 / edited and with an introduction and index by Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum / revised, corrected, and augmented by Benjamin C. Ray and Tara S. Wood

Case Files

(Petition of Ten Prisoners at Ipswich)

To the Honourable Governer and Councell and Generall Assembly now sitting at Boston

The humble petition of us whose names are subscribed hereunto now prisoners at Ipswich humbly sheweth, that some of us have Lyen in the prison many monthes, and some of us many weekes, who are charged with witchcraft, and not being consciouse to our selves of any guilt of that nature lying upon our consciences; our earnest request is that seing the winter is soe far come on that it can not be exspected that we should be tryed during this winter season, that we may be released out of prison for the present upon Bayle to answer what we are charged with in the Spring. For we are not in this unwilling nor afrayed to abide the tryall before any Judicature apoynted in convenient season of any crime of that nature; we hope you will put on the bowells of compassion soe far as to concider of our suffering condicion in the present state we are in, being like to perish with cold in lying longer in prison in this cold season of the yeare, some of us being aged either about or nere four score some though younger yet being with Child, and one giving suck to a child not ten weekes old yet, and all of us weake and infirme at the best, and one fettered with irons this halfe yeare and all most distroyed with soe long an Imprisonment: Thus hoping you will grant us a releas at the present that we be not left to perish in this miserable condicion we shall alwayes pray &c.

Widow Penny. Widow Vincent. Widow Princ[e] Goodwife Greene of Havarell, the wife of Hugh Roe of Cape Anne, Mehitabel Dowing. the wife of T[h] imothy Day , Goodwife Dicer of Piscataqua Hanah Brumidge of Havarell Rachel Hafield besides thre or foure men

( New York Public Library -- Manuscripts and Archives Division )