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SWP No. 120

Ann Sears

SWP No. BoySal3-3.38

(Warrant for Arrest of Ann Sears , Bethiah Carter, Sr. , and Bethiah Carter, Jr. )

Whereas Complaint hath benne this day Exhibited (before us) by Thomas putnam and John putnam Jun'r both of Salem Village Yeoman on behalfe of theire Majesties Against Ann Seeres the wife of John Seeres of Woburne and Bethiah Carter of s'd Towne of Woburne widdow and Bethya Carter the daugter of s'd Carter widdow , for high Suspition of Sundry acts of Witchcraft donne by them upon the Bodys of Ann putnam Marcy Lewis Mary Walcot &c of Salem Village whereby much hurt and wrong is donne unto them therefore Craves [Justice].

These are therefore in theire Majest's Names to require you, to apprehand and forthwith bring the persons of the abovenamed before us at Salem Village at the house of Lt Nathaniell Ingersalls in order to theire Examination Relateing to the abovesaid premises and hereof you are not to faile Dated Salem May 8'th 1692

To the Constable of Woburne

[pbar ] us *John Hathorne ] Assis'ts

*Jonathan. Corwin ] Assis'ts

(Reverse) I Ephraim bouck counstabel of Woburn have sarved this warant acording to [Law] hav apurhanded the parson of anah Sauris and of the wado cartter and hauf broit tham to Lautanant ingursons hois as warant due exprest

In pursuance to the within specifyed warrant I have apprehended the bodies of the within mentioned Anna Seers and Bethia Carter sen'r and brought them to the place within ordered this 9 May 1692

*Ephraim Bock Constabil of woburn

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 48 )

SWP No. BoySal3-3.39

(Recognizance for Ann Sears )


That on the Third day of December 1692 & in the fowerth year of Reign of our Soveraign Lord & Lady William & Mary by the Grace of God of England & King & Queen defenders of the faith personally Appeared before us James Russell & Sam'l Heyman Esq'rs of their Majes'ts Councill & Province of the Massachusets Bay in New Eng[lbar ]d & Justices of Peace within the Same Jonathan Prescot of Concord and John Horton of Lancaster in the County of Middlesex & Acknoledged themselves & Each of them to be indebted unto our Said Lord & Lady the King & Queen & the Survivor of them their Heires & Successors in the Some of two hundred pounds to be leavied on their or Either of their goods or Chattels Lands or Tennement for the use of our Said Lord & Lady the King & Queen or Survivor of them if Default be made in the performance of the condition under written in the Condition of the Above Recognizance is Such that whereas Ann Seere the Wife of John Seere of Wooburn in the County Aboves'd was committed to Cambridge Goal on Suspition of Witchcraft If therefore the Said Ann Seere \ shall make her personal Appearance before the Justices of our Said Lord & Lady the King & Queen at the next Court of Assize Oyer & Terminer & General Goall delivery to be holden for or within the County of Middlesex Afores'd to Answer what shall be objected against her in their Majest'es behalf refering to Witchcraft, and to do & receive that w'ch by s'd Court shall be then & there injoined her & not Depart w'thout licence then the Above Recognizance to be void or Elce to remain & abide in full force & virtue --

[Cap't] & Recognit die [pbar ]diet Coram

[pbar ] *Ja: Russell

J. P.

*Samuel Hayman


Reco[gbar ]n Ann Seere appearance at Next Court in Middlesex

( Suffolk Court Records Case No. 2692 Page No. 20 )