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SWP No. 121

Susanna Sheldon

SWP No. BoySal3-3.40

( Robert Moulton v. Susannah Sheldon)

the testimony of Robart Moulton sener who testifith and saith that I waching with Susannah sheldon sence she was afflicted I heard her say that the witches halled her Upone her bely through the yeard like a snacke and halled her over the stone walle & presontly I heard her Controdict her former: disCource and said that she Came over the stone wall her selfe and I heard her say that she Rid Upone apoole to boston and she said the divel Caryed the poole

*Robart Mouelton
Samuel Nurs and Joseph Trumball saw Robart moulton sine this wrighting
( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 59 )