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SWP No. 13

Bridget Bishop Executed, June 10, 1692

(See also: Giles Corey -- Warrant; George Jacobs Sr. -- Mittimus )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.1

(Examination of Bridget Bishop, First Version)

The Examination of Bridget Byshop at Salem village
19. ["9" written over "6"] Apr. 1692 ["2" written over "3"]
By John Hauthorn & Jonath: Corwin Esq'rs

As soon as she came near all fell into fits
Bridget Byshop, You are now brought before Authority to give acc'o
of what witchcrafts you are conversant in

I take all this people (turning her head & eyes about) to witness
that I am clear.

Hath this woman hurt you speaking to the afflicted.

#[A( )b Hubb( )d]Eliz: Hubbard, Ann Putman, Abigail Williams, & Mercy Lewes
affirmed she had hurt them.

You are here accused by 4. or .5. for hurting them, what do you
say to it?

I never saw these persons before; nor I never was in this place

Mary Walcot sais that her brother Jonathan stroke her appearance
& she saw that #[ha] he had tore her coat in striking, & she heard it tare.

Upon #[sea] some search in the Court, a rent that seems to answere
what was alledged was found.

They say you bewitcht your first husband to death.

If it please your worship I know nothing of it.

She shake her head & the afflicted were tortured.

The like again upon the motion of her head.

Sam: Braybrook affirmed that she told him to day that she had
been accounted a Witch these .10. years, but she was no Witch, the
Devil cannot hurt her.

I am no Witch.

Why if you have not wrote in the book, yet tell me how far you
have gone? Have you not to do with familiar Spirits?

I have no familiarity with the Devil.

How is it then, that your appearance doth hurt these?

I am innocent.

Why you seem to act Witchcraft before us, by the motion of your
body, which #[has in] seems to have influence fluence upon the afflicted.

I know nothing of it. I am innocent to a Witch. I know not what
a Witch is.

How do you know then that you are not a witch? #[and yet know not what a Witch is?]

I do not #[understand] know what you say.

How can you know, you are no Witch, & yet not know what a
Witch is:

I am clear: if I were any such person you should know it.

You may threaten, but you can do no more than you are per-

I am innocent of a Witch.

What do you say of those murders you are charged with?

I hope, I am not guilty of Murder.

Then she turned up her eyes, & #[they] the eyes of the afflicted were
turned up

It may be you do not know, that any have confessed to day, who
have been examined before you, that they are Witches.

No, I know nothing of it.

John Hutchinson & John Hewes in open Court affirmed that they
had told her

Why look you, you are taken now in a flat lye.

I did not hear them.

Note Sam: Gold saith that after this examination he ask't s'd
Bridget Byshop if she were not troubled to see the afflicted persons
so tormented, said Byshop answered no, she was not troubled for
them: Then he ask't her whither she thought they were bewitcht,
she said she could not tell what to think about them. Will Good,
& John Buxton jun'r was by, & he supposeth they heard her also.

Salem Village Aprill the .19'th 1692 m'r Sam'l Parris being
desired to take into Wrighting the Examination of Bridget Bishop,
hath delivered it as aforesaid And upon hearing the same, and
seeing what wee did then see, togather wit[] the Charge of the afflic-
ted persons th[] present; Wee Committed s'd Bridg[] Olliver --

*John Hathorne

(Reverse) The Examocon of Bridget Byshop 19. Apr 1692
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 125 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.2

(Examination of Bridget Bishop, Second Version)

The examination of Bridget Bishop before the Worshipfull
John Harthon and Jonathan Curren esq'rs

Bridget Bishop being now comeing in to be examined relating
to her accusation of suspicon of sundry acts of witchcrafts the
afflicted persons are now dreadfully afflicted by her as they doe

( m'r Harthon ) Bishop what doe you say you here stand charged
with sundry acts of witchcraft by you done or commited upon the
bodyes of mercy Lews and An Putnum and others

( Bushop ) I am innocent I know nothing of it I have done no

( m'r Har ) Looke upon this woman and see if this be the woman
that you have seen hurting you mercy Lewes and An Putnum and
others doe doe now charge her to her face with hurting of them

M'r Harthon ) what doe you say now you see they charge you to
your face

( Bish ) I never did hurt them in my life I did never see these
persons before I am as innocent as the child unborn

( m'r Harth ) is not your coate cut

( Bish ) answers no but her garment being Looked upon they find
#[l] it cut or toren two wayes Jo#[h]nathan walcoa[]te saith that the sword
that he strucke at goo#o]de Bishop with was not naked but was within
the #[scab] scabberd so that the rent may very probablie be the very same
that mary walcoate #[tell] did tell that shee had in her coate by Jonathans
stricking at her apperance

The afflicted persons charge her, with having ["i" written over "a"] hurt them
many wayes and by tempting them to sine to the devils Booke at which
charge shee seemed to be very angrie and shaking her head at them
saying it was false they are all greatly tormented (as I conceive) by
the shaking of her head

( m'r Har ) good Bishop what contract have you made with the

( Bish ). I have made no contract with the devill I never saw him in
my life. An Putnam sayeth that shee calls the devill her God

( M'r Har ) what say you to all this that you are charged with can
you not find in your []art to tell the truth

( Bish ) I doe tell the truth I never hurt these persons in [ ]y life
I never saw them before.

(mercy Lewes) oh goode Bishop did you not come to our house
the Last night and did you not tell me that your master made you
tell more then you were willing to tell

( m'r Har ) tell us the truth in this matter how comes these persons
to be thus tormented and to charge you with doing

( Bish ) I am not come here to say I am a witch to take away my

( m'r H ) who is it that doth it if you doe not they say it is your
likenes that comes and torments them and tempts them to write in
the booke what Booke is that you tempt them with.

( Bish ) I know nothing of it I am innocent.

( m'r Harth ) doe you not see how they are tormented you are
acting witchcraft before us what doe you say to this why have you
not an heart to confese the truth

( Bsh ) I am innocent I know nothing of it I am no witch I know
not what a witch is.

( m'r H ) have you not given consent that some evill spirit should
doe this in your likenes.

( B ) no I am innocent of being a witch I know no man woman or
child here

( Marshall Herrik ) how came you into my bedchamber one
morning then and asked me whither I had any curtains to sell shee
is by some of the afflicted persons charged with murder

( m'r Harth ) what doe you say to these murders you are charged

(B) I am innocent I know nothing #[about] of it

now shee lifts up her eyes and they are greatly tormented #[again]

( m'r Har ) what doe you say to these things here horrible acts of
witch craft

( Bish ) I know nothing of it I doe not know whither be any
witches or no

( m'r Har ) no have you not heard that some have confessed.

( Bish ) no I did not. two men told her to her face that they had
told her here shee is taken in a plain lie now shee is going away they
are dreadfully afflicted 5 afflicted persons doe charge this woman to
be the very #[w]woman that hurts them

[ ] is a true account of what I have taken down at her examina-
tion according to best [ ]derstanding and observation I have also in
her examination taken notice that all her actions [ ]e great influence
upon the afflicted persons and that have ben tortered by her

*Ezekiel Cheever.
(Reverse) Examinacon ag't B B[ ]
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 137 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.3

(Indictment v. Bridget Bishop, No. 1)

Anno Regni Regis et Reginae W[ ]
Mariae nunc Angliae &'c Quarto:

Essex ss

The Juro'r for our Sovereigne Lord & lady the King & Queen
p'rsents that Bridgett Bishop als Olliver the wife of Edward Bishop
of Salem in the County of Essex Sawyer the Nyneteenth Day of
April in the fourth Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord and
Lady William and Mary by the Grace of God of England Scottland
France & Ireland King & Queen Defenders of the faith &'c and
Divers other Dayes & times a well before as after. certaine Detestable
Arts #[of] called Witchcrafts & Sorceries. wickedly, and felloniously #[ag't]. hath
used Practised & Exercised, at and within the Towneship of Salem #[ab]
in the County of Essex afores'd in #[and] upon, and ag't one, Mercy Lewis
of Salem Village in the County afores'd singlewoman by which said
wicked Arts the said Mercy Lewis -- the s'd Nyneteenth Day of April
in the fourth Year aboves'd and divers other Dayes and times as well
before as after, was & is hurt Tortured Afflicted. #[tormented] Pined, Consumed,
wasted: & tormented, ag't the Peace of our said Sovereigne Lord
And Lady the King & Queen and ag't the forme of the Statute in
that Case made & provided/

Mercy. Lewis
Nathan'll Ingersoll
M'r Sam'll paris
Thomas puttnam Jun'r
Mary Walcott.
Ann puttnam Jun'r
Elizabeth Hubbard
Abigail Williams.

(Reverse) No (1) Bills ag't Bishop
Billa vera
*John Rucke foreman in the name of the Rest
of the Grand Jurie
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 121 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.4

(Indictment v. Bridget Bishop, No. 2)

Anno Regni Regis et Reginae Willim et
Mariae nunc Angliae &'c Quarto./

Essex ss

The Juro'r for our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen
p'rsent#[s] that Bridgett Bishop als Olliver the wife of Edward Bishop of
Salem in the County of Essex Sawyer -- the #[Day] Nyneteenth Day of
Aprill in the fourth Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady
William & Mary by the Grace of God of England Scottland France
& Ireland King & Queen Defend'r of the faith &'c and Divers other
dayes & times as well before as after. certaine Detestable Arts #[of] called
Witchcrafts & Sorceries. wickedly and felloniously hath used Practised
& Exercised. at and within the Towneship of Salem in the County of
Essex afores'd in upon and ag't one Abigail Williams of Salem Village
in the County of Essex afores'd singlewoman by which said wicked
Arts the said Abigail Williams the Nyneteenth Day of April afores'd in
the fourth Year aboves'd and divers other Dayes and times as well
before as after, was, and is tortured Afflicted. Pined Consumed wasted
& tormented ag't the Peace of our said Sovereigne Lord & Lady the
King & Queen and ag't the forme of the Statute in that Case made
and Provided

Abigail Williams
M'r Sam'll paris Sworne
Nathan'll Ingersoll Sworne
Thomas puttnam Sworne
Mercy Lewis
Ann puttnam Jun'r Sworne.
Mary #[Warren] Walcott Sworne
Elizabeth Hubbard Sworne.
Jn'o Bligh & Rebeka ["Rebekah" written over "Sworne"]
his wife Sworn
Samuel Shattock & Sarah his
wife Sworn
William Bligh Sworne
William Stacey Sworne
John Loader Sworne.

(Reverse) Billa vera *John Ruck foreman in the name of the Rest
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 122 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.5

(Indictment v. Bridget Bishop, No. 4)

Anno Regni Regis et Reginae Willim et
Mariae nunc Angliae &'c Quarto./.

Essex ss

The Juro'r for our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King
& Queen p'rsent#[s] that Bridgett Bishop als Olliver the wife of
Edward Bishop of Salem in the County of Essex Sawyer -- the Nyneteenth Day
of April -- in the fourth year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord
& Lady William & Mary by the grace of God of England. Scottland
France. & Ireland King and Queen Defend'r of the faith &'c and
Divers other Dayes & times as well before, as after certaine De-
testable Arts, called Witchcrafts & Sorceries, Wickedly and fellon-
iously hath used Practised, & Exercised, at and within the Towneship
of Salem in the County of Essex afores'd in and upon
and ag't one Elizabeth Hubbard of Salem Village in the County afores'd
singlewoman -- by which said wicked arts the said Elizabeth Hubbard the
s'd Nyneteenth Day of April -- in the fourth year aboves'd
and divers other dayes, and times as well before as after was & is
hurt tortured Afflicted Pined Consumed, wasted, and tormented ag't the
Peace of our s'd Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King and Queen, and
ag't the forme of the Statute in that Case. made and Provided./.

Elizabeth Hubbard
Mercy Lewis
M'r Sam'll paris
Nathan'll Ingersoll
Thomas puttnam
Ann puttnam Jun'r
Mary Walcott
abigail Williams,

(Reverse) (4)
Billa vera:
*John Rucke formane in the name of the Rest
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 123 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.6

(Indictment v. Bridget Bishop, No. 5)

Anno Regni Regis et Reginae Willim et
Mariae nunc Angliae &'c Quarto:

Essex ss

The Juro'r for our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King
& Queen p'rsent#[s] that Bridgett Bishop als Olliver the
wife of Edward Bishop of Salem in the County of Essex Sawyer the Nyneteenth
Day of April -- in the fourth Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord
& Lady William & Mary By the Grace of God of England Scottland
France & Ireland King & Queen Defend'r of the faith &'c and divers
other Dayes & times as well before as after. certaine Detestable Artes
called Witchcrafts & Sorceries, Wickedly and felloniously hath used
Practised & Exercised at and within the Towneship of Salem, afores'd
in upon ag't one. Ann puttnam of Salem Village in the County afore-
s'd singlewoman by which said wicked Arts the said Ann puttnam the
s'd Nyneteenth Day of April in the fourth Year aboves'd and
divers other Dayes & times as well before as after was & is hurt, tortured,
Afflicted Pined Consumed wasted & Tormented ag't the Peace of
our said Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King and Queen and against
the forme of the Statute in that Case made & Provided./.

Ann puttnam Jun'r
M'r Sam'll paris
Nathan'll Ingersoll
Thomas puttnam
Mercy Lewis
Mary Walcott
Abigail Williams
Elizabeth Hubbard

(Reverse) Billa vera
*John Rucke foreman in the name of the Rest
(Reverse) (5) 5. Bills ag't Brid't Bishop alias Olliver found by the Grand
Inquest #[9]#[2] ["2" written over "9"]folio 966
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 124 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.7

(Examination of Deliverance Hobbs, v. Bridget Bishop et al.)

Deliverance. Hobbs. Exam'd May. 3. 1692. Salem prison

Q. W't have you done Since whereby there is further Trouble in
your appearance?

An. Nothing att all.

Q. but have you nott Since bin Tempted?

An. yes S'r, but I have nott done itt, nor will nott doe itt.

Q. here is a great Change Since We last Spake to you, for now you
Afflict & Torment againe; now Tell us the Truth Whoe Tempted you
to Sighne againe?

An. itt was Goody Olliver; she would have mee to Sett my hand
to the book, butt I would nott neither have I neither did consent
to hurt them againe.

Q. was that True that Goody Wilds appeared to you & Tempted you?

An. yes, that was True.

Q. have you bin Tempted Since? #[ye]

An. yes, about fryday or Saturday night [ ]

Q. did they bid you that you should nott Tell?

An. yes thay Tould me soe.

Q. but how farr did thay draw you or Tempt you, & how f[ ]
you yeild to the Temptation? but doe nott you acknowledge that
was True that you Tould us formerly?

An. Yes.

Q. and you did sigh[ ] then att the first, did you Nott?

An. yes, I did itt is True.

Q. did you [ ]miss then to deny att last what you Said before?

An. yes, I did [ ] was Goody Oliver Alias Bishop that Tempted
me to deny all that I had Confessed before.

Q. doe you nott know the man w'th the Wenne?

An. noe I doe nott know whoe itt is; all that I Confessed before
is True.

Q. Whoe Were they you Named formerly?

An. Osburne, Good, Burroughs, Olliver, Wiles, Cory & his Wife,
Nurse, Procter & his Wife.

Q. who Were w'th you in the Chamber? (itt being informed that
Some were Talking w'th hir there).

An. Wilds and Bushop or Olliver, Good & Osburne, & they had a
feast Both of Roast & Boyled meat & did eat & drink & would
have had me to have eat & drank w'th them, but I would nott;
& they would have had me Sighned, but I would nott then Nor whe[ ]
Goody. Olliver came to me.

Q. Nor did nott you Con[torn] children in your likeness?

An.I doe nott know that I did.

Q. W[ ] is that you have to Tell, w'ch you canott Tell yett you

(Reverse) Deliv'e Hobs her Examination & Testimony ag't procter
& wife & others
Bridget Bishop

( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 140 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.8

( Deposition of William Stacy v. Bridget Bishop )

Bridgett Bishop of the Towne of Salem aged [ ] Years or thereabouts
William Stacey Of the Towne of Salem Aged: Thirty Six Years or
thereaboutes Deposeth and Saith:/.

That about fourteene years agone this Deponant was Visited
with the Small Pox, then Bridget Bishop did give him a Visitt, and
withall Professed a great Love for this Deponant in his Affliction.
more then ordinary, at which this Deponant admired, some time
after this Deponent was well, the said Bishop got him to do some
work for her. for which she gave him three pence, which seemed to
this Depo't as if it had been good Money,: but he had not gone not
above 3 or 4 Rods before he Looked #[on the Said mone againe]
in his Pockett where he put it. for it; but could not find any some
time after this deponent met the said [ ] Bishop: in the Street
agoeing to Mill; she askeing this Deponent whether his ["his"
written over "her"] father would grind her grist: he put it to the said
Bishop why she Asked: she answered because folks counted her a
witch this Depo't made answear: he did not Question but that his
fathe would grind it: but being gone about 6 Rod from her the said
Bishop; with a small Load in his Cart: Suddenly the Off wheele Slum-
ped or Sunk downe into a hole upon Plain grownd, that this Depon't
was forced to gett one to help him gett the wheele out afterwards
this Depon't went Back to look for said hole where his wheele sunk
in but could not find any hole Some time after in the winter about
midnight #[being awake] this Deponent felt something betweene his lips
Pressing hard ag't his teeth: and withall was very Cold: insomuch that it did
awake him so that he gott up and sat upon his beed: he at the same time
seeing the said Bridgett Bishop sitting at the foot of his bed: being to
his seeming, it was then as light as if it had been day: or one in the
said Bishops shape: she haveing then a black cap, & a black hat, and a
Red Coat with two Eakes of two Coulers. then she the said Bishop
or her shape clapt her coate close to her Leggs. & hopt upon the bed
and about the Roome and then went out: and then it was Dark:
againe some time after the s'd Bishop went to this Depon't and asked
him whither that #[above written] which he had reported was true, that he
had told to severall: he answered that was true & that it was she, and bid her
denigh it if she dare, the said Bishop #[could] did not denigh it. and went
away very Angry and said that this Dep't did her more Mischief: then
any other body he asked Why: she answared because folks would
beleive him before anybody Elce: some time after the said Bishop
thretned this Deponent and told him he was the occasion of bringing
her out about the brass she stole: some time after this Dep't in a
dark night: was goeing to the Barn who was suddenly taken or hoisted
from the Ground & threw ag't a stone wall after that taken up againe
a throwed Down a Bank at the End of his howse: some time after
this Deponent mett the said Bishop by Issaac Sternes Brick Kill:
after he had Passed buy her: this Deponents Horse stood still with a
small load goeing #[along] up the Hill so that the Horse striveing to draw All
his Gears & tackeing flew in Peices. and the Cart fell downe afterward this
Deponent went to lift a Bagg of Corne of about 2 bushells but could not budge it
with all his might: This Deponent hath mett with severall other of her Pranks. at
severall times: which would take up a great time to tell of: This Deponet
doth veryly beleive that the said Bridget Bishop
was Instumentall to his Daughter Prisillas Death: aboute two years
agoe; the Child was a likely Thriveing Child. And sudenly Screaked
out and soe continued in an unusuall Manner for aboute. a fortnight
& soe dyed in that lamentable manner

Sworne Salem May the 30'th 1692
before us

*John Hathorne )
) Assis'ts
*Jonathan. Corwin )

Jurat in Curia June. 2'd 1692/
(Written on side of
paper) William stacy
(Reverse) William Stacy
May 30/92
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, Nos. 138 & 139 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.9

( Testimony of Samuel Gray v. Bridget Bishop )

Samuell Gray of Salem Aged aboute 42 yeares Testifieth and
sayth that aboute fourteen yeare agoe, he goeing to bed well one Lords
Day at night, and after he had benne asleep some time, he awakened
& looking up, saw the house light as if a candle or candles were lighted
in it and the dor locked & that little fire there, was Raked up he ["he"
written over "I"] did then see a woman standing between the Cradle i[ ]
Roome. and the Bed side and seemed to look upon him soe he ["he"
written over "I"] did Rise up in his ["his" written over "my"] bed and it
vanished or disapeared then he ["he" written over "I"] went to the dor and
found it locked. & unlocking and Opening the dore he ["he" written
over "I"] went to the Entry dore and looked out, and then againe did
see the same Woman he ["he" written over "I"] had a ["a" written over
"just"] little before seene in the Rome, and in the same garbe she
was in before, then he ["he" written over "I"] said to her in the name of
God what doe you Come for. then she vanished away soe he ["he" written
over "I"] Locked the dore againe & went to bed and between
sleepeing & wakeing he ["he" written over "I"] felt some thing
Come to his ["his" written over "my"] mouth or lipes cold, & there upon
started & looked up & againe did see the same woman with some thing
betweene both her hands holding before his ["his" written over "my"] mouth
upon which she moved. and the Child in the Cradle gave a great screech out
as if it was greatly hurt and she disappeared, and takeing the child up could not
quiett it in some howres from which tyme, the child that before was a very
Likely thriveing Child #[before] did pine away and was never well, althow
it Lived some moneths after, yet in a sad Condition and soe dyed;
some tyme after within a weeke or less he did see the same Woman
in the same Garb and Cloaths, that appeared to him as aforesaid,
and althow he knew not her, nor her name before, Yett ["Yett" written over
"her"] both by her Countenance & garb doth Testifie that it was the same
Woman that thay now Call Bridget Bishop Alias Oliver. of Salem

*Samell Gray

Sworne Salem May 30'th 1692
Before mee
*John Hathorne Assis't
(Reverse) Sam'll Grays Evedence
Bridgett Bishopp
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 141 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.11

( Testimony of Samuel and Sarah Shattuck v. Bridget Bishop )

Sam'll Shattock aged 41 years testifieth that in the year 1680
Bridged Oliver formerly wife to old Goodman Oliver: now wife to
Edward Bishop did Come to my hous pretending to buy an old hh'd
w'ch tho I asked verry little for: & for all her pretended want She
went away w'th out it: & Sundry other tymes she came in a Smooth
flattering maner in very Slighty Errants; wee have thought Since on
purpos to work mischeif: at or very near this tyme o'r Eldest Child
who promised as much health & understanding both by Countenance
and actions as any other Children of his years: was taken in a very
drooping Condition and as She Came oftener to the hous he grew
wors & wors: as he would be standing at the door would fall #[and]
out & b[]ruis his face upon a great Step Stone. #[i] as if he had bin
thrust out bye an invissible hand: often tymes falling & hitting his face
ag'st the Sides of the #[h?] hous: bruising his face in a
very misserable maner: after this the abovesaid Oliver brought me
a pair of Sleeves to dye & after that Sundry peeces of lace Som of
w'ch were Soe Short that i could not judge them fit for any uce: she
p'd me 2'd for dying them w'ch 2'd I #[a] gave to Henery Will'ms w'ch
lived w'th me he told me put it in a purs among Som other mony
w'ch he locked up in a box & that the purs & money was gon out of
the Box he Could not tell how; & never found it after just after the
dying of these things this child was taken in a terrible fit; his mouth
& Eyes drawne aside and gasped in Such a maner as if he was upon the
point of death; after this he grew wors in his fits: and out of them
would be allmost allways crying that for many months he would be
crying till natures strenght was Spent & then would fall asleep and
then awake & fall to crying & moaning; that his very Countenance
did bespeak Compassion; and at lenght wee p'rceived his understand-
ing decayed Soe that wee feared (as it has Since proved) that he would
be quite bereaft of his witts; for Ever Since he has bin Stupified and
voide of reason his fitts Still following of him; after he had bin in this
kind of Sicknes Som tyme he has gon into the garden & has got
upon a board of an inch thick w'ch lay flat upon the ground & wee
have Called him; he would Com to the Edge of the board & hold out
his hand & make as if he would Com but Could not till he was helped
of the board; other tymes when he has got upon a board as aforesaide
my wife has Said She has ofered him a Cake & mony to Com to her
and he has held out his #[reach] hand & reach't after it but Could not
Com till he has bin help't of the board; by w'ch i Judge Som inchantm
kep't him on
about 17 or 18 months after, the first of this Ilnes there
Came a Stranger #[Came] to my hous & pittyed this Child and Said among
other word's wee are all borne Som to one thing & Som to another; I
asked him & w't doe you Say this Child is borne too he replyed he
is born to be bewitched and is bewitched I told him he did not know;
he said, he did know & Said to me you have a neighbo'r that lives not
far of that is a witch: I told him wee had noe neighb'r but w't was
honest folke; he replyed you have a neighb'r that is a witch & She
has had a falling out w'th yo'r wife. & Said in her hart y'r wife is
a proud #[proud] woman & She#[ld] would bring downe her pride in this Childe:
I paused in my Selfe & did rememb'r that my wif (Reverse) [mye] wife had told
me that goodwife Oliver had bin at the hous & spoke to her to beat
Henry Will'ms that lived w'th us & that She went away muttering
& She thought threatning; but little before o'r child was taken ill; I
told the aforesaid Stranger that there was Such a woman as he Spoke of;
he asked where She lived for he would goe & See her if he knew how:
I gave him mony & bid him ask her for a pot of Syd'r; away he went
& i Sent my boy w'th him who afte'r a short tyme: both returned;
the boys face bleeding & i asked w't was the matter they told me the man #[kn]
knock't at the door & goody oliver Came to the door & asked the
Stranger w't he would have he told her a pot of Syd'r she Saide he
Shewld have none & bid him get out & took up a Spade & made him
goe out She followed him & when She came w'thout the poarch She
Saw mye boy & run to him & Scratched his face & made it bleed;
Saying to him thou roague w't dost thou bring this fellow here to
plague me; now this man did Say before he went; that he would fetch
blood of her
And Ever Since this Child hath bin followed w'th
grevious fitts as if he would never rcover moor: his hed & Eyes
drawne aside Soe as if they would never Come to rights moor lying
as if he were in a maner dead falling any where Either into fier or
water if he be not Constantly looked too, and generally in Such an
uneasie and restles frame allmost allways runing too & fro acting
Soe Strange that I cannot judge otherwise but that he is bewitched
and by these circumstances doe beleive that the aforesaid
Bridged Oliver now Called Bishop is the Caus of it and it has bin the Judgem't
of Docters Such as lived here & forreigners: that he is under an Evill
hand of witchcraft

Sam'll Shattock
& Sarah Shattock

affirmeth upon the oath they have taken
to the truth of w't is above written
Jurat in Curia June 2'd 92

attest *Steph: Sewall Cler
Eved. Against Bridget Bishop. 9
p Sam'l Shadock & wife
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1., No. 144 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.12

( Testimony of John Louder v. Bridget Bishop )

John Louder of Salem Aged aboute thurtey two Yeares, Testifieth
and sayth that aboute seaven or Eight yeares since I then Liveing w'th
M'r John Gedney in Salem and haveing had some Controversy with
Bridgett Bushop the wife of Edw'd Bushop of Salem Sawyer aboate
her fowles that used to Come into our orchard or garden. Some little
tyme after which, I goeing well to bed; aboute the dead of the night
felt a great weight upon my Breast and awakening looked and it
being bright moon: light did clearely see s'd Bridget Bushop -- or her
likeness sitting upon my stomake and puting my Armes of of the
bed to free myselfe from that great oppression she presently layd
hold of my throat and almost Choa[ ] mee and I had noe strenth
or power in my hands to resist or help my selfe, and in this Condittion
she held mee to almost day, some tyme after this, my Mistress
Susannah Gedney was in our orchard and I was then with her. and
s'd #[s'd]Bridget Bushop being then in her Orchard w'ch was next ad-
joyneing to ours my Mistress told s'd Bridget. that I said or afirmed
that she cume one night & satt upon my brest as afores'd which she
denyed and I Afirmed to her face to be tru and that I did plainely
see her. upon w'ch discourse with her she Threatened mee. And
some tyme after that I being not very well stayed at #[w]home on a Lords
day and on the after noon of s'd day the dores being shutt I did see a
black pig in the Roome Comeing towards mee soe I went towards itt
to kick it and it vanished away

Immediately after I satt down in a Narrow Bar and did see a
black thing Jump into the window and came & stood Just before my
face, upon the bar the body of itt looked like a Munky only the feete
ware like a Cocks feete w'th Claws and the face somewhat more like
a mans than a Munkies. and I being greatly affrighted not being able
to speake or help my selfe by Reason of feare I suppose, soe the thing
spake to mee and said I am a Messenger sent to y'u for I understand
you are trobled in mind, and if you will be Ruled by mee you shall
want for Nothing in this world upon which I Endeavered to clap my
hands upon itt, and sayd You devill I will Kill you. but could feale
noe substance and itt Jumped out of the window againe. and Imediatly
Came in by the porch althow the dores ware shutt. and sayd you
had Better take my Councill, where upon I strook at it with a stick
butt strook the Groundsill and broak the stick, (Reverse)but felt noe Substance,
and that arme with which I strook was presently disenabled, then it
vanished away and I opened the back dore and Went out and goeing
towards the house End I Espied s'd Bridget Bushop in her orchard
goeing towards her house, and seing her had not power to set one
foote forward but returned in againe and goeing to shutt the dore. I
Againe did see that or the like creture that I before did see within
dores, in such a posture as it seemed to be agoeing to fly at mee, up-
on which I cryed. out; the whole armor of god be between mee and
You. soe itt sprang back and flew over the apple tree flinging the
dust w'th its feet against my stomake, upon which I was struck dumb
and soe Continued for aboute three days tyme and also shook many
of the apples of, from the tree w'ch it flu over:

John louder apearid before us this 2. dy of June 1692
and one the oath that he had taken did owne this testimony to be the
truth before us the Jarris of Inquest

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) Evidences ag't Br. Bishop.
Jn'o Loader
+ On her Tryall Bridget Bishop alias Olliver denied that she knew this
deponent though the orchard of this depon't & the orchard of s'd
Bishop Joined & they often had difference for Some yeares together
John Loader ( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 145 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.13

( Testimony of John Bly, Sr., and William Bly v. Bridget Bishop )

June 2'th 1692 Jn'o Blye Senio'r aged about 57 yeers & William Blye
aged about 15 years both of Salem Testifieth and saith that
being Imployed by Bridgitt Bushup Alies Oliver of Salem To help
take downe the Celler wall of The owld house she formerly Lived
in wee the s'd Deponants in holes of the s'd owld wall Belonging To
the s'd sellar found severall popitts made up of Raggs And ["And"
written over "w'th"] hoggs Brusells w'th headles pins in Them w'th
the points outward & This was about seaven years Last past

Jurat Curia
(Reverse) [ ]pers ag't B: B: n'o 16: 10
John Bly and W'm Bly
Court Oy'r & Term'r held at Salem 2'd June. 92
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 147 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.14

( Testimony of Richard Coman v. Bridget Bishop )

Richard Coman aged aboute 32 years Testifieth that sometime
aboute Eight yeares Since: I then being in bed with my wife at Salem.
one fift day of the Weeke at night Either. in the Latter end of May
or the Begining of June. and a light burneing in our Roome I being awake,
did then see Bridget Bishop of Salem Alias Olliver come into the
Roome wee Lay in and two Women more with her. w'ch Two Women
ware strangers to mee I knew them not. but s'd Bishop came in her
Red paragon Bodys and the rest of her cloathing that she then
usually did ware, and I knowing of her well also the garb she did use
to goe in. did clearely & plainely know her, and Testifieth that as
he locked the dore of the house when he went to bed soe he found
it after wards w'n he did Rise, and quickly after thay appeared the
light was out, and the Curtaines at the foote of the bed opened
where I did see her and presently came #[and as I] And lay upon my Brest or
body and soe oppressed him that he could not speake nor stur noe
not soe much as to awake his wife althow he Endeavered much soe
to do itt; the next night thay all appeared againe in like manner and
she s'd Bishop Alias Oliver tooke hold of him by [ ] throate and al-
most haled him out of the bed the Satterday night followeing; I
haveing benne that day telling of what I had seene and how I suffered
the two nights before, my Kinsman W'm Coman told mee he would
stay with mee & Lodg with mee and see if thay would come againe
and advised mee to lay my Sword on thurt my body. quickly after
Wee Went to bed that s'd night and both well awake and discoursing
togather in came all the three women againe and s'd Bishop was the
first as she had benne the Other two nights, soe I told him; W'm heere
thay be all Come againe & he #[he] was Immediatly strook speechless
& could not move hand or foote and Immediatly they gott hold of my
sword & strived to take it from mee but I held soe fast as thay did
not gett it away; and I had then Liberty of sp[ ]ch and called W'm.
also my wife & Sarah phillips th[ ]ith my wife. who all told
mee af[ ] mee, but had not power to Spea[ ]
(Reverse) afterwards And the first that spake was Sarah phillips.
and said in the name of god Goodm Coman w't is the Matter with you, soe
thay all vanished away

Sworne Salem June 2'd 1[ ]
Jurat in Curia
Before mee

*John Hathorn[ ]

Richard C[ ]
als Olliver. ( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 146 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.15

( Testimony of John Bly, Sr and Rebecca Bly v. Bridget Bishop )

John Bly sen'r and Rebecka Bly his wife of Salem, bothe Testifie
and say that s'd Jn'o Bly Bought a Sow of Edw'd Bushop of Salem
#[Labourer] Sawyer and by agreement with s'd Bushop was to pay the price
agreed upon, unto L't Jeremiah Neale of Salem, and Bridgett the wife
of said Edward Bushop because she could not have the mony or
vallue agreed for, payd unto her, she [ ] to the house of the
deponents in Salem and Quarrelled w'th t[ ] aboute it. #[and also
then Threatened them sayeing]
soon after which the Sow haveing piged she was taken with Strainge fitts
Jumping up. and knocking hir head against the fence and seemed blind and
deafe and would not Eat neither Lett her pigs suck but foamed at
the mouth, which goody hinderson heareing of sayd she beleived she
was over-looked, and that thay had theire cattle ill in such a manner
at the Eastward when she lived there, and used to cure them by
giveing of them Red Okar & Milk. which wee also gave the Sow.
Quickly after eating of which she grew Better. and then for the
Space of Neere Two howre[] togather she getting into the street did
sett of Jumping & runing betweene the house of s'd deponents and
s'd Bushops as if she ware stark mad; and after that was well againe
and wee did then Apprehend. or Judge & doe still that s'd Bishop had
bewitched s'd Sow

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) John Bly and wife
Jn'o Bligh
W'm Bligh
Rob. Bligh
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 150 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.16

( Testimony of Mary Warren v. Bridget Bishop, Elizabeth Cary, George Jacobs Sr., and Ann Pudeator )

Mary Warren aged 20: yeares or thereabouts testifyeth & saith That
severall times after the Nyneteenth day of April last when Bridgett Bishop
als Olliver who was in the Gaol at Salem she did appear to
this depon't tempting her to signe the book & oft times during her
being there as afores'd the s'd Bridgett did torture & afflict this
depon't & being in Chaines said tho: she could not do it, she would
bring one that #[m'r Cary to] should doe it which now she knowes to be
m'r Cary that then came & afflicted her,

Sworne before us the 1. day of June 1692

*John Hathorne
*Jonathan. Corwin {

( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 262 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.17

( Deposition of Susannah Sheldon v. Bridget Bishop )

The Deposistion of Susannah Shelldin aged about 18 years who
testife and saith that on this 2 June 1692 I saw the Apperishtion
of Bridgit Bishop. and Immediatly appered to little children and said
that they ware Thomas Greens two tiwins and tould Bridget Bishop
to hir face that she had murthered them in seting them into fits
wherof they dyed

(Reverse) Susanna Sheldon Evid's ag't Bridgett Bishop

( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 149 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.18

( Testimony of John Cook v. Bridget Bishop )

John Cooke aged about 18 yeares Testifieth that about five or
Six yeares agoe One Morning about Sun rising as I was in bed before
I rose I Saw goodwife Bishop alias Olliver Stand in the Chamber by
the window and she looked On me & Grinn'd On me & presently
Struck me on the Side of the head w'ch did very much hurt me
& Then I Saw her goe Out under the End #[of] window at a little Creviss
about So bigg as I Could thrust my hand into [ ] I Saw her again the
Same day w'ch was the Sabath day about noon walke across the
room & having at that time an apple in my hand it flew Out of my
hand into my mothers lapp who Sate Six or Eight foot distance
from me & then She disapeard & though my mother & Severall oth-
ers were in the Same room yet they afirmed they Saw her not

John Cooke apearid before us the Jarris of inquest and did owne
this to be his testimony one the oath that he hath taken:
this 2: dy of June 92.

Jurat in Curia
(Reverse) John Cookes Witnis
2'nd June 92
( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, No. 148 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.19

( Statement of Susannah Sheldon v. Bridget Bishop, Mary English, Phillip English, Giles Corey, and Martha Corey )

on the foarth#[aa] day at night Came goody olliver and m'rs english
and good man Cor[ ] and a blak man with a hicrouned hatt with
books in their hands goody olliver bad mee touch her booke i would
not i did not know her name shee told me her name was goody olliver
and bid me touch her booke now i bid her tel mee how long
shee had been a witch shee told mee shee told mee s[ ] had been a
witch above twenti years then their Came a streked snake creeping
over her shoulder and crep into her bosom mrs english had a yelo
bird in her bosom and good man Core had two tircels hang to his
Coat and hee opened his bosom and put his turcls to his brest and
gave them suck then good man core and goody olliver kneeled doune
beefoar the blak man and went to prayer and then the blak man told
mee goody olliver had been a witch twenti years and a #[ ] half then
they all set to biteing mee and so went away the next day Came
good man Core mrs english in the morning and told mee i should not eat
no vittals i took a spoon and put on spoonful in my mouth and good man Core
gave mee a blow on the ear and allmoast choaked mee then
he laughed at mee and told mee i would eat when he told mee i
should not then he Clenched my hands that they Could not bee opened
for more then a quarter of an our then Came phillip english and and
told mee if i would touch his book hee would not bit mee but i
refusid then hee did bite mee and went away

the sixth day at night Came goody olliver and mrs english good man Core
and his wife goodwy Core s profered mee a book i re-
fused it and asked her whear she lived she told mee she lived in bos-
ton prisson then shee puled out her brest and the blak man gave her
a thing like a blake pig it had no haire on it and she put it to her
brest and gave it suck and when it had sucked on brest shee put it
the other and gave it suck their then shee gave it to the blak man then
they went to praier to the blak man then goody olliver told me that
shee had kiled foar women two of them wear the fosters wifes and
john trasks wife and did not name the other then they did all bitt
mee and went away then the next day Cam goody Core Choaked
mee and told mee i would not eat when my dame bid mee but now
i should eat none

Susanna Sheldon ag't oliver Englis & his wife Core & his wife
good bucklie & her daughter & boston woman

( Essex County Court Archives, Vol. 1, Nos. 153, 154, and 168 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.20

(Elizabeth Hubbard v. Bridget Bishop and Mary Warren)

now whilest i was righting thes lines thar came in mary waring
and another woman with hur whch woman mary waring shap said
was goodey oliver and that woman came in hur sheft

(Reverse) Elizab Hubbard ag'st Mary Warrin

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1. Page 44 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.21

(Physical Examination of Bridget Bishop , Rebecca Nurse , Elizabeth Proctor , Alice Parker , Susannah Martin , and Sarah Good , No. 1.)

1692 Salem June 2'd aboute 10 in Morning

Wee whose names are under written being Comanded by Capt
George Corwine Esq'r Sherriffe of the County of Essex this 2'd day
of June 1692 for to vew the bodyes of Bridgett Bishop alias Oliver

Rebecah Nurse
Elizabeth procter
Alice parker
Susanna Martine
Sara Good

The first three, Namely: Bishop : Nurse: procter , by dilligent search
have discovered apreternathurall Excresence of flesh between the
pudendum and Anus much like to Tetts & not usuall in women
& much unlike to the other three that hath been searched by us
& that they were in all the three women neer the same place

*J Barton Chyrurgen

Alice pickering
her marke

Jane Woolings
her marke

Marjery Williams
her marke

Anna Stephens
her marke

Elizabeth Hill
her marke

Elanor Henderson
her marke

Rebecah Sharpe
her marke

Lydia Pickman

*Hannah Kezer

Sworne in Court June 2'd 1692

Attest * Step: Sewall Cle

SWP No. BoySal1-13.22

(Physical Examination, No. 2.)

(Reverse) Salem aboute 4 afternoon June 2'd 1692 .

We whose names are Subscribed to the w'th in mentioned, upon
a second search about 3 or 4 houres distance, did find the said
Brigett Bishop alias Oliver , in a clear & free state from any p'eter-
naturall Excresence, as formerly seen by us alsoe Rebecah Nurse in
stead of that Excresence w'thin Mentioned it appears only as a dry
skin without sense, & as for Elizabeth procter which Excresence
like a tett red & fresh, not any thing appears, but only a proper [ pro-
cedeulia Ani,] & as for Susanna Martine whose breast in the Morn-
ing search appeared to us very full; the Nibbs fresh & starting, now
at this searching all lancke & pendant which is all at pr'sent from
the w'th in Memtioned subscribers and that that piece of flesh of
Goodwife Nursess' formerly seen is gone & only a dry skin near-
er to the anus in another place

Rebecah Sharpe
the marke of
Eli zabeth Hill
Lidia pickman
Elanor Henderson
her marke
*J Barton Chyrurgen
Alice pickring
*Hannah Kezer
Marjery Williams
Anna Stephens
Jane Wollings

Sworne in Court June 2'd 1692
(Reverse) Jury of Womens Return
( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 p. 35 )

SWP No. BoySal1-13.23

(Death Warrant v. Bridget Bishop )

To George Corwin Gent'm high Sherriffe of the County of
Essex Greeting

Whereas Bridgett Bishop a[lbar ]s Olliver the wife of Edward Bishop
of [Salem] in the County of Essex Sawyer at a speciall Court of
Oyer and Termin[er held at] Salem the second Day of this instant
month of June for the Countyes of Esse[x] Middlesex and Suffolk
before William Stoughton Esq'r and his Associates J[ustices] of the

said Court was Indicted and arraigned upon five severall
[Seal]I[ndictments] for useing practiseing and exercisein[g] [on

the Nyneteenth day of April] last past and divers other dayes
and times [before and after certain acts of] Witchcraft in and upon
the bodyes of Abigial Williams , Ann puttnam J[un'r] Mercy Lewis,
Mary Walcott and Elizabeth Hubbard of Salem village singlewomen,
whereby their bodyes were hurt, afflicted pined, consu[med] Wasted
and tormented contrary to the forme of the Statute in that Case
[made and] provided To which Indictm'ts the said Bridgett Bishop
pleaded no[t guilty] and for Tryall thereof put her selfe upon God
and her Country, where[upon] she was found guilty of the felo-
nyes and Witchcrafts whereof she stood Indicted and sentence of
Death accordingly passed ag't her as the Law directs, Execution
whereof yet remaines to be done These are theref[ore] in the Name
of their Maj'ties William and Mary now King & Queen [over] Eng-
land &c to will and Comand you That upon fryday next being the
Tenth day of this instant month of June between the houres of
Eight and twelve in the afternoon of the same day You safely con-
duct the s'd Bridgett Bishop a[lbar ]s Olliver from their Maj'ties Gaol in
Salem afores'd to the place of Execution and there cause her to
be hanged by the neck untill she be de[ad] and of your doings here-
in make returne to the Clerk of the s'd Court and pr'cept And here-
of you are not to faile at your peril And this shall be [your] Suffi-
cient Warrant Given under my hand & Seal at Boston. the Eig[hth
day] of June in the fourth Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne
Lord and [Lady William & mary now King & Queen over England
&c Annoq'e D[mbar ] : 1692;

*Wm Stoughton

June 10th -- 1692
According to the Within Written precept I have taken the body
of the within named Brigett Bishop of their Majes'ts Goale in Salem
and Safely Conveighd her to the place provided for her Execu-
tion and Caused the s'd Brigett to be hanged by the neck untill
Shee was dead # [an d b uried in the pla] all which was according
to the time within Required and So I make Returne by me
George Corwin Sheriff
( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 p. 20 )