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SWP No. 44a

Daniell Eames

SWP No. BoySal1-1.28a

(Examination of Daniel Eames 13 August 1692)

[In pencil at top center: 1692 Aug. 13]

[Left Column]

the Exam. of Danll. Emes:
Eliz: Johnson owned her confesion against
Danll. Emes & yt he was wth her 3nights
before she owned it & aflicted phelps
Child wth popets puting pins in it
& she se him Yesterday in the prison.
he fell upon mary lacy & Ell. Johnson &
Richd: Carier said he saw him aflict you.

mary wolcot afirmed Emes aflicted her last
night at aflicts house at andiver & she se
him aflict [danll. Emes, crossed out] Tim Swan & Ingalls child
An- puttman & mary warren afirme ye
Danll. Emes aflicted them severall times
---------------------- ye aflicted all fell downe w: he came in

QDanll. Emes. what doo you act your witch craft before us. tell us how long is it sence you first. Began. ye Evidences say you have been ever since you ran away.
AI never went away but wn I went to the southward & stayd a yere & 3 or 4 months. it was in June. about I am 28 yeres old: I have be maried 8 or 9 yeres. I first & formost am aran [doc torn]d afore ye. honr. I am her before you. [Jeesew?] in ye presents of [Jx?] yt you would pray for me yt I may spek ye truth. he yt is ye Gret Judge knows yt I never did cencnt. wth: ye divel: & doe not know any thing of it I never signed to no book nor never se satan or any of his Instrmnts yt I know of
Qher is mary warren. yt never saw you personaly, yt afirmes you have aflicted her above a month. Se if you can look upon her: he turned about & 5 fell downe & wth his touch he raised ym ---
AI did ^drem^ I se Goody tooaker & some others who did tempt me: to Signe to Sattan but I resisted. Q. are you certain you ware asleep: A. I was asleep. to be sure Samll Varnum. afirmes yt Danll Emes told Me yt he yt Eph. Stevens. told me yt Danll Emes. said yt he followed ye Divell in ye shap of a horse over 5 mile pond. & Bridges Richd. Carier afirmed yt. Danll. Emes shap knock him downe:

[Right Column]

A. as I was once on aprogrese Jno. Wilson
Jno Lull was going to Salsbury & I went
wth ym: & came againe to gether:
Jno. Lull. came up along wth me till we
came againe @ 5 mile pond. I had ben
long from home: & was not willing ye man
should goe wth me: home:

Bridges: saith: ye report yt. he invited this
man & cheated him, told ye man that
ther was ye divel in ye 5 mile pond:
& said he would goe to him, but he rid
away home & shut ye door:

ye brook by Samll. bratlebooks house. when I
was alitle boy: my fathr. left me at home
& I got abotle of rum & Drank more yn
might doe me good.

mary waren afirmed that this danll. Emes
afflicted me wn. falkner was Exam. & ther was
a young man apered & ye bl man stood
upon his shoulder:

mary post doe you know DE: yes I know him
his is my neighbr. did you ever know him to
aflict: no - did you know him to be awitch. no.
Goody bridges doe you know him yes doe
you know him to be awitch no:
An: Putnam said he was made awitch
at a brook:

at yt time at ye Brook at ingagmt did you
make to ye divell::
Bridges: I beleve ther is evidence Enough. yt
he said the divill caried him & his pack
to ye brook. at yt sabath day:
I doe not know but I might say so, but I
bely my selfe
Eliz Johnson afirmes yt the young man
yt stood before Emes at ye bl man is Deane Robinson. & mary lacy said yt young
man hurt mary warren::
I so him personally. at Mr deans lane &
he told me he was awizard & at gate
in his shap & a bl cat wth him yt told me
yt ^he^was danll. Emes: & said he would goe along
wth me to aflict folkes

[Side 2:]

EJ: the 3 time was ye nite afore I owned
he said he apeared in his shap & I wen
with him to aflict child & aflicd
wth pinching & prickg wth a speare Emes
pricked wth a pin, it is all true:

------------- post said her compa was
Sear. Chandler. toohaker. Carier
ffoster: [word crossed out] Nurse:

mary lacy said she saw the aperition
of danll. Emes. ye day before her father
came to done & told her father she doubtes
he would be sent for in away:

[in a different hand is the following:]

This Examination taken the
13th August 1692 before ther
Majesties of ye peace in Salem

atest John Higginson Just peace

Salem Witchcraft Papers of the Massachusetts Historical Society

SWP No. BoySal1-1.28b

(Indictment: Mary Warren v. Daniel Ames, January 1692/3)

[in the upper left corner: 1693] [in upper right corner: MISC. BOUND C]

Province of ye Massachusetts Annoq RRs & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae &c
Bay in New England. Essex Quinto Annoqe: [Im?] 1693

The Jurors for our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King and Queen
presents that Daniell Emmes of [blank space] in the County of Essex aforsd
In or about the thirteenth day of August last in the Yeare 1692 aforsd -----
and divers other dayes & times as well before as after Certain Detestable Arts
Called witchcrafts and Sorceries wickedly Mallishiously and ffeloniously hath used
Practised and Exersised at and in the towne of Salem ---in the County of---
Essex aforesd: Upon and against one Mary Bradford ^Warren^ of Salem Single Woman
---------------------by which wicked Arts the said Mary Warren---the day and
year aforsaid and divers other dayes and times as well before as after, was
and is Tortured Afflicted Tormented Consumed Pined and wasted. against ye:
Peace of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen their Crowne &
Dignity and agt: the Lawes in that Case made and Provided/
Mary Walcott
An Putnam


[bleed through visible]

Daniel Emms for Aflict
ing Mary Warren

Abraham Haseltine
foreman of ye Grand

Salem Witchcraft Papers of the Massachusetts Historical Society