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SWP No. 21

Sarah Buckley

(See also: George Jacobs Jr. -- Complaint; Rebecca Jacobs -- Warrant .)

SWP No. 21.1

(Examination of Sarah Buckley

[May 18, 1692]

18. May. 1692)

Abig: Williams said this is the Woman that hath bit me with her
scragged teeth a great many times

Mary Walcot , Ann Putman , & Susan: Sheldon unable to speak

Mercy Lewis said she see her upon her feet last night. Mary Walcotts
testimony read

Eliz: Hubbard said I see her last sab: day hurt Mary Walcot in the
meeting house but I do not know that she hurt me

Ann Putmans testimony read

Mary Warren said that she saw this Woman & a great company & that
this Woman would have her the said Warren go to their Sacrament up
to Mr Parris

#[Eliz: Hubbard] Suzan: Sheldon said this Woman hath tore her to
peices & tempted her with the book

Ann Putman carried to this Examinant in a fit was made well upon
the Examinants grasping her Arm

Suzan Sheldon the like.

Mary Warren the like.

When the examinant was pressed to confess she said she did not hurt
them: she was Innocent --

Suzan: Sheldon said there is the Black man whispering in her ear

This is a true copy of the #[Original] [of the] substance of the
Original Examination of the aboves'd Sarah Buckley . Witness my
hand upon my Oath taken this day in Court. 15 Sept'r 1692

SWP No. 21.2

(Indictment v. Sarah Buckley, for Afflciting Ann Putnam, Jr. )

[+ September 14, 1692]

Essex in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England ss// Anno RR's & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c Quarto Annoq'e Domini 1692 The Juriors for our Sov'r Lord and Lady the King and Queen doe present That Sarah Buckley Wife of William Buckley of Salem\s-\In the

County of Essex Shoomaker --

In & upon the Eighteenth day of May -- In the yeare aforesaid and
divers other days and times as well before as after Certaine detestable
Arts called Witchcraft or Sorceries Wickedly Mallitiously and felloni-
ously hath used practised and Exercised At and in the Towne of
Salem in the County of Essex -- Aforesaid in upon & against one
Ann: Puttman of Salem Aforesaid Single Woman -- by which said
Wicked Acts the said An Puttnam the Day & yeare Aforesaid and di-
vers other days and times both before and after was and is Tortured
Aflicted Consumed Pined Wasted & Tormented, and also for sundry
other Acts of Witchcraft by the said -- Sarah Buckley -- Comitted
and done before and since that time against Our Sov'r Lord and Lady
the King & Queen theire Crowne & Dignity and the forme in the
Stattute In that case made and Provided.

(Reverse) Sarah Buckley An Putnam Billa Vera

The jury finds this person on this
indittement not gilty non Cull

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 23. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA..)

SWP No. 21.3

(Testimony of William Hubbard for Sarah Buckley )

[June 20, 1692 ]

These may Certifye whom it may

These are to Certyfye whom it may or shall concerne that I have
known Sarah the wife of William Buckly of Salem village more or
less: ever since she was #[borut] brought out of England w'ch is
above fifty years agoe and during all the time I never knew nor heard
of any evill in her carriage or conversation unbecomming a christian:
likewise she was bred up by christian parents all the time she lived
here att Ipswich I further Tasiffye that the said Sarah was admitted
as a member into the church of Ipswich above forty years since: and
that I never heard from others or observed by my selfe any thing of
her that was inconsistent with her profession or unsuitable to chris-
tianity either in word deed or conversation and am straingly surprized
that any person should speake or thinke of her as one worthy to be
susspicted of any such crime that she is now charged with in testi-
mony hereof I have here sett my hand this 20'th of June 1692

SWP No. 21.4

(Testimony of the Revs. John Higginson and Samuel Cheever for Sarah Buckley )

[January 2, 1693]

Being desired by goodman Buckly to give my testimony to his
wives conversation before this great Calamity befell her, I cannot
refuse to bear witnes to the truth, viz that during the time of her
living in Salem for many years in Communion with this Church hav-
ing occasionally frequent converse & discourse with her, I have
never observed my selfe nor heard from any other any thing that
was unsuitable to a Conversation becoming the Gospel; & have all-
wayes looked upon her as a serious Godly woman

*John Higginson

Marblehead: Jan: 2: 1692/3:
Upon the same request, having had the like opportunity by her resi-
dence many years att Marblehead, I can do no less then give the
alike testimony for her pious conversation, during her abode in this
place and communion with us
*Samuel Cheever.
( Massachusetts Archives Vol. 135 No. 99, Massachusetts State Archive. )
(Reverse) Mr Higgison & their Certiffi[Lost]

SWP No. 21.5

(Deposition of Ann Putnam, Jr. v. Sarah Buckley )

[September 15, 1692]

The deposistion of Ann putnam who testifieth and [saith] that I
have a long time seen gooddy Buckly amongsts the wicthes but she
did not doe me much hurt tell the 23'th of Aprill 1692 and then she
fell upon me most greviously #[to writ in hir book] almost redy to
kill me urging me vehemently to writ in hir book: also on the 18'th may 1692 Sarah Buckly or hir Apperan [c]e did most greviously
to[r]ment me dureing the time of her Examina[tbar ][ibar ] for if she did but
look upon she would strick me down or allmost choak me: also on
the day of hir Examination I saw Sarah Buckly or her Apperan[c]e
most greviously afflect and torment Mary Walcott mercy lewes Abi- gail williams and Mary warren: and I beleve in my heart that Sarah Buckly is a wicth and that she has often afflected me and the affore-
said parsons by acts of wicthcraft.

The above s'd Deponant Ann Putnam acknowledged before the
Grand inquest the truth of the above Evedence Upon her Oath this
15 of septe[mbar ] . 1692

(Reverse) Ann Putnam against Sarah Buckly
Ann Putn am
[Lost]ry King & Quen

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 44. Massachusetts State Archives. )

SWP No. 21.6

(Deposition of Elizabeth Hubbard v. Sarah Buckley )

[September 14, 1692]

The Deposistion of Eliz. Hubberd who testifieth and saith that I
cannot say that ever goody Buckly hurt me but on the 18'th may 1692 being the day of the Exami[nbar ] of Sarah Buckly the wife of wil- liam Buckly I saw hir or Apperan[c]e torment and afflete mary walcott and Ann putnam #[& also severall times sence] & I do be-
leve : that the s'd Buckly is a witch: & afflicted the above named
persons by witchcraft:

Eliz Hubbert: owned to the grand Inquest that: the above written
evidence is the truth: Sept'r 14 1692

SWP No. 21.7

(Testimony of Mary Walcott v. Sarah Buckley )

[September 14, 1692]

Mary Walcott Aged Sixteen yeares Testifieth and Saith that on the
12'th of may 1692 in the Evening I saw the Apparition of goody Buckly come to me and hurt me and tortord me most dreadfully by
pinching and choaking of me and twesting of my nick several times
and she brought me a book and would have me write my name in it
or elce give my consent that she might write it for me. I told her
that I would not touch her book nor write in it, nor give consent to
her tho she killd me then she choaked me and many times she said
that she would kill me that night if she had power for to do it I tould
her that I did not fear hur I told her that god is above the devil: and
I hope that he would deliver me out of her hands and the devils to
and several times she has bet me and several other times sence she
has tormented me also I being caried up to wills hill on the [16]'th
of may to see the affle[tbar ]d persons there: I saw there the apperish-
tion of gooddy Buckly afflecting daniell willknes: also on the day of
the Examination of [of] Sarah Buckly being the 18'th may 1692
sarah Buckly or hir Apperanc did most greviously torment me dure-
ing the time of hir Exa[mbar ] : for if she did but look upon me she would
strick me down or allmost choak me also on the day of hir Examina-
tion I saw Sarah Buckly or hir Apperanc most greviously torment the
bodyes of Abigail williams #[mercy lewes] and Ann putnam and I
veryly beleve in my heart that Sarah Buckly is a wicth and that she
has often affleted me and the aforesaid persons by acts of wicthcraft.
Mary Wolcot owned the truth of the above written evidence: to: the
grand Inquest

Sept'r 14. 1692 upon oath

[Reverse] [Hand 4] Mary Walcot agt G. Buckley [Hand 5] Jur in Cur. ( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 43. Massachusetts State Archives. Boston. )

SWP No. 21.8

(Deposition of Benjamin Hutchinson v. Sarah Buckley and Mary Witheridge )

[September 15, 1692]

The deposistion of benjamine Hutchinson who testifieth and saith
that my wife was much affleted presently affter the last exeicution
w'h violent paines in hir head and teeth and al parts of hir body but
on sabath day was #[three] fortnight in the morning she being in
such excescive mesiry that she said she beleved that that she had an
evell hand upon hir whereupon I went: to Mary Walcott one of our
next neighbors to come and look to se if she could se any body upon
hir and as soon as she came into the house she said that our Two
neighbors sarah Buckly and mary witheridge were upon my wife: and
Immediatly my wife had ease and Mary Walcott was tomented: where
upon I went down to the shrieff and desired him to take sume course
with thos women that they might not have souch power to torment:
and presently he ordored them to be fettered and ever sence that
my wife has ben tolorable well and I beleve in my hart that sarah Buckly and mary witheridge has hurt my wife and severall others by
acts of wicthcraft

Benjamin Huchenson owned the above written Evidence to be
the truth upon Oath before the grand inquest 15-7

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 35. Massachusetts State Archives. Boston.