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SWP No. 30

Sarah Churchill

SWP No. 30.1

(Confession of Sarah Churchill

[June 1, 1692]

Sarah Churchwell confesseth that Goody pudeator brought the
book to this Examin't and she signed it, but did not know her at
that tyme but when she saw her she knew her to be the same and
that Goody Bishop also Olliver appeared to this Examinant & told her
she had killed John Trask's Child, (whose Child dyed about that
tyme) & said Bishop alias Olliver afflicted her as alsoe did old George Jacobs , and before that time this Examin't being afflicted could not
doe her service as formerly and her s'd Master Jacobs called her bitch
witch & ill names & then afflicted her as #[before] above and that
pudEater brought 3: Images like Mercy Lewis, Ann putnam , Eliza' Hubbard & they brought her thornes & she stuck them in the Images
& told her the persons whose likeness they were, would be afflected
& the other day saw Goody Olliver #[sitt] sate upon her knee,

Jurat in Curia by
Sarah Churchill
This Confession was taken before John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin Esq'rs 1' o[f] June 1692, as attests
*Tho Newton
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 262. )

SWP No. 30.2

( Deposition of Sarah Ingersoll and Ann Andrews for Sarah Churchill)

[? June 1, 1692]

The diposition of Sarah Ingelson Aged about 30 yers: saith that
seing Sarah Church after hur exsamination She came to me Crieng
and wringing hur hands seming to be mutch trobeled in Sparet I
asked hur what she ailed she answered she had undon hur self I asked
hur in what she saied in belieng hur salfe and others in saieing she
had seat hur hand to the divells Book whairas she saied she naver did
I told her I beleved she had saet hur hand to the Book she answered
Crieng and said no no no: I naver, I naver did I asked then what had
maed hur say she did she answered because they thratened hur: and
told hur thay would put her in to the dungin and put hur along with
mr Borows and thus saverall times she folowed one up and downe
tealing me that she had undon hursalfe in be lieng hur salf and others
I asked hur why she did #[not] [word illegible] writ it she tould me be Cause she had stood
out so long in it that now she darst not she saied allso that If she told
mr Noys but ons she had sat hur hand to the Book he would be leve
her but If she told the truth and saied she had not seat her hand to
the Book a hundred times he would not beleve hur: