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SWP No. 34

Sarah Cole (of Lynn)

(See also: Lydia Dustin -- Mittimus)

SWP No. 34.1

(Complaint of Mary Brown v. Sarah Cole )

[October 1, 1692 ]

The Complaint Mary Browne of Reding Evidence against Sarah Cole wife of John Cole of Lyn: Cooper // Complaineth folowth --
That the aboves'd Sarah Colle bodyly Appeared to mee and that In
her full shapp and person: both night and day: and hath threatened
me. sorely what Shee would do to me: hath come to my bedd Sid
[] & feel much Disturbing of me & puting me to grat paine both
strang and Unwonted Such pains as In all my Illness past have not
met w'th such pains: // and I must say I do think the s'd Sarah Colle
(Is by gods purmition) Is the Cauess of this my Illness and that By
acts of witchcraftes done & acted on my body & mind: This hath
been all maner and Custome for the most part of the later part of
september past: but I got some frinds to goe to speek to hur about
a week past: & since that time I have not seen her but Remaine
under the lik Illness as before and beleive that she Is acting her part
to the [the] rouning of my family: as farr as god doth give Sow//
my self and children have often heard lik the throwing of stone
against the house and creatures crying like catts upon the Roffe of
the house but where running there, was like dogs or bigger creatures
for the [end of] the Ross Creke.

The 1st of
October 1692

*Mary Browne
(Reverse) These mey Certify that I Mary Browne with In named hev Desiered
Good man Benjemien Larrobe to Carey this my Compliant to Au-
thority // hoo will act according to their wisdom for my Relief://
My son being Ille At this time// and my selfe apoor and afflicted
person be
( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket no. 2712 p. 49, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Judicial Archives, Massachusetts State Archives. Boston, MA. )

SWP No. 34.2

(Warrant for apprehension of Sarah Cole & Officer's Return ) [October 3, 1692 ]

To the Constable of Lin

Complaint haveing ben made to us Bartho' Gidny and John Higginson Esq'rs. their majesties Justices of the Peace in Salem, by Benja. Larobe of Lin in behalfe of Mary Browne of Reding widow against Sarah Coale wife of John Coale of Lin. Cooper for that the Said Sarah Coale hath Greatly & feloniously hurt the Said Mary Browne by witchcraft to her great paine & damage & the Said Larobe hath given in bond to procecut the Said Complaint to Effect. These are therfore in their Majesties name to require you forthwith to Aprehend & Seize the Body of Sarah Coale the wife of John Coale of Lin Cooper & bring her before their Majesties Justices of the Peace in Salem ther to be Examined & proced with according to Law dated in Salem: 3 october 1692

*Bartho' Gedney
*John Higginson

In obedience to this warrant [torn]
Seized the person w'thin [torn]
brought her before their [torn]
Justices of the Peace herein [torn]
Octob'r 3: 1692 The Mark of [torn] Consta [torn]
( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 1, p. 88, Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library )

SWP No. 34.3

(Complaint and Recognizance of Benjamin Larobe)

[October 1, 1692 ]

1st of october 1692

*Mary Browne

Benja Larobe Enters the within Complaint w'th their Majesties
Justices of Salem in behalfe of the said Mary Browne of Reding

The Mark

Benja' Larobe:

3: October 1692

Benja' Larobe. of Lin in the County of Essex obligeth him selfe to
our Soveraines Wm & Mary King & Queen of Engld & in the full
& whole Sum of one hundred pounds Currant mony of New England.
The Condition is that wheras the Said Larobe hath Entred a Com-
plaint w'th their Maj's Justices of the Peace at Salem in Behalf of
Mary Browne of Reding widow against Sarah Coale wife of John Coale of Lin for that she hath Sorly hurt the said Mary Browne by
witch craft, &c: that he the Said Larobe will & Shall procecut the
Said Complaint to Effect as the law directs

The Marke

Benja' Larobe

3 October 1692

This recognizance was taken before me

SWP No. 34.4

(Examination of Sarah Cole )

[October 3, 1692 ]

The Examination of Sarah Cole of Lynne Octob'r -- 3 -- 1692

She saith that the same night Capt Osgoods wife was examined She
saw Eliz: Colston & Abraham Coles wife come into her house person-
ally to her apprehension and Jno Wilkinsons wife of Malden & one
of her sisters & a little Girle she did not know; about 10 years old
one of them had a piece of board w'th. nails in it thro the board at
the end about a foot long as broad as her hand, That one of her
children was sorely afflected at that time, and s'd one of them did
strike her on the head w'th s'd board. They seemed to turn side
ways and so were gone w'ch was about midnight -- The child was
afflicted till Abr. Coles wife was take up. The beginning of the af-
fliction in our family was upon a fast Day about a month agoe Abrah. Coles wife was at my house She Commended my children much for
pretty children & they w'r both taken sick my boy & girle, the
Girle s'd she saw A. Coles wife afflict her severall times, had pins
thrust into her, was bit & scratched had a blow on her nose w'ch
caused her [to] nose to run Down w'th blood the last fit my child
had and Complained of her Aunt Cole was when s'd A. Coles wife
was brought to Salem

One night being in bed I was sorely afflicted and saw a ball of fire I
arose to see w't was the matter before I got a light it went away --
the last thing I saw was a Dog w'ch I went to strike w'th a spade and
was beat down my self this was about a week ago The Dog went out
at a crack: in the side of the house --

Mary Warren being afflicted was brought to Goody Coale & w'th her
touch was recovered. & looked on her twice & struck her downe
& recovered her w'th her hand Mary Warren said that she had sen this
Coale many times with Goody Hart & another wo. & that she had
not afflicted her till this night; & said that a woman that said her
name was baites & a Child both stoad up before her & beged for
Vengance, Coale owned that she & some others toyed w'th a Venus
glase & an Egg. what trade their sweet harts should be of

SWP No. 34.5

(Summons for Witnesses)

[October 3, 1692 ] To the Constable of Lin

you are required in their Majesties name to Sumon Maj'r Swain Mary Browne Elizabeth Welman John Coale Benja' Larobe & the wife of
Dan'el Eaton that they & Every of them doe forthwith apeare before
their majesties Justices of the Peace in Salem their to give in their
testimony of what they know against Sarah Coale wife of John Coale
who is complained of for comitting Severall acts of witchcraft upon
the body of Mary Browne of Reding widow &c: & hereof make
returne faile not

dated in Salem 3. oct'r 1692

*Bartho Gedney
*John Higginson
Justices Peace

( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 1, p. 88, Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA. )

SWP No. 34.6

(Indictment v. Sarah Cole, for Afflicting Mary Brown)

[February 1, 1693 ]

Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England ss // At a Superior Court of Judicature held at Charlston for the County of Midlesex the 31 of January 1692/3 Annoq'e RR's & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &ca Quarto

The Jurors for our Sovereigne lord and lady the King and Queen
Present That

Sarah Cole Wife of John Cole of Lynn in the County of Essex
Coop[er] On or about the twenty-sixt day of Sept'r In the yeare 1692 aforesaid and Divers other Days and times as well before as
after, Certaine Detestable Arts called Witchcrafts and Sorceries
Wickedly Mallitiously hath Used practised and Exercised at and in
the Towne of Reding -- In the County of Midlesex --

Upon and against One Mary Browne of Redin In the County
of Midlesex afores'd By which Wicked arts the said Mary Browne
The day and Yeare aforesaid, and Divers other Days and times as
well before as after was and is Tortured Tormented aflected Con-
sumed Pined Wasted against the Peace of Our Soveraigne Lord
and Lady the King and Queen their Crowne and Dignity and the
Laws In that case made and Provided,

Witness Mary Browne
Jno Browne Jun.
Eliza Wellman --
Billa Vera
Jno Cole --
Mary Eaton --
Ben. Larobe --
Atest *Simon Stone Foreman

Pon't Se --
Not Guilty
( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2712, p. 48 )

SWP No. 34.7

( Deposition of Mary Eaton, Sr. , v. Sarah Cole )

[October 3, 1692 ]

The Deposistion of Mary Eaton Sen'r Lyn: Saith that upon a Time
Sarah Cole wife of Jno Cole of Lyn and myself had some Difference
and with in averry Litle time I had a Cow taken in a Strange maner
and at that same time the afores'd Goodw. Cole came to my house
and Stood at my window and Said that she saw Something on the
Cow. in the Barn and Desired that my daughter would goe w'th
her to the Barn & they boath went but when they came to the Barn
they Saw nothing on the Cow but they both heard agreat Noyes on
the Scaffald in the Barn and Sarah Cole Said that She Believed the
Cow was bewitched --

3 -- Oct'r 1692
Sworne in Court

Atest *Jno Higginson.
Just'e peace

(Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2712, p. 48.)

SWP No. 34.8

( Deposition of Elizabeth Wellman v. Sarah Cole )

[+ October 3, 1692 ]

The deposision of eelizzebeth Wellman aged forty five testifieth
and saith that she saw Sarah Cole the wif of John Cole the Cooper
liveing in the [house] of him goin [on a] in a plaine wood in august
past and she had cast the scirt of her garment over her neck, and she
saw a black thing of a considerable bigness goe by her sid and as soon
as Sarah Cole came against a tree that lay upon the ground This black
thing was gon and be sene no more and Sarah Cole going a little
further turnd hir, face out to me she Claspt hir hands together and
swong them twice overe hir head was gon and I coold se hir no more
and when I came to the place whare she toock hir Flite I lookt for
hir but coold not se hir. further saith not 1692

SWP No. 34.9

( Deposition of John Brown v. Sarah Cole )

[January 11, 1693 ]

The Deposition of Jno Browne aged about twenty five years: This
Deponant Testifieth & saith that about the latter end of August Last 1692 being at the house of Jno Dole: coming out of s'd house
Sarah Cole leaving her husband talking with mee, she Broke out into
these expressions, that all Church members were Devills & that her
husband was going to be a Devill too hee was then going to Joine
with the Church; whereupon I s'd Browne Replyed to her she had
often expressed her selfe very Badly & that if she didnot suddenly
amend & leave of such expressions against Church members, their
was them that would take notice of it & she must answer for such
speeches wherupon she was silent & looked stedfastly upon mee
& I was taken Ile #[in about a week] presently as my evidence doth De-
clare . Owned before the Grand jury by Jno Browne Jany'y 11'th
1692 upon the oath hee had taken. Jno Testified to the above s'd
upon the oath hee had taken January 11'th 1693 Attests

*Robert Payne

(Reverse) The s'd Jno Browne further saith
That upon the said John Brownes being desired to adjust sum Dam-
ages Don by said Sarah Coles hogs had don to Abraham Welman that
is as he believed about a fortnight aft'r he having been as afores'd he
Desired an Indian puding to be made w'ch was don and the flower
and suet white and good when put into the pott but when Came out
was red like a blud puding w'ch he believes was done by Sarah Cole
who had thretened him for medling w'th the [pbar ]ding the Damages
saying he had better not to have done.
(Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket no. 2712 p. 49)

SWP No. 34.10

( Deposition of Abraham Wellman v. Sarah Cole ) [January 11, 1693 ]

The Deposition of Abraham Welman Aged about 49 years: This Deponant Testifieth & saith, that I had a Cow which some told mee
Sarah Cole Wife of Jno Cole had a great Desire to have & the s'd
Cow was taken with fitts though before she was as Gentle a Cow
as I would Desire to set Paill under after this time when she see
any person coming to milk her she would run & let none come near her for about a week, when s'd Cole was brought upon her examina-
tion that night & next morning, wee sent on of our Children to milk
s'd Cow, but she was wild as before, but after s'd Sarah Cole was
sent from her own house to Cambridge when she was gone as wee
thought to Redding or there about I sent one of my Children to milk
her the Cow stood still & gave down her milk & did from that day
till this time Abraham Welman owned the abovs'd before the Grand
Jury upon the oath hee had taken. Jan'r 11'th 1692/3

January 11'th 1693

*Robert Payne

(Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2712, p. 49. )

SWP No. 34.11

( Statement of John Cole v. Sarah Cole )

[October 3, 1692 ]

Jno Cole Saith that Coming home to his house on saturday night
after his wife had seen strange sights -- That from that time his
house hath been troubled w'th cats & Dogs w'ch he saw often
running up & down & one night he thinks he saw a ball of fire,
& last Munday night being a week ago he saith as he was at prayer in
his family I heard something like a great thing flung against the
house & on a sudden it was at him & struck him on the head & on
one of his sides, and almost beat the breath out of his body -- so
that I was forced to break of prayer for about half a quarter of an
hour w'n he revived again he proceeded in his prayer his wife being
asked affirms she knew nothing of his being hindered in his prayer --
W'th in a week or 8 Days after S'd Cole saw a great Cat of an un-
usuall bignes at my door, staring me in the face I pursued it w'ch
went into the stalks near the house and tho it was very calm all
the stalks did wave as if there had been a strong wind -- and he
thinks since this some of his children have been afflicted by witch-
craft and s'd Cole saith that for this 3 nights he had not lodged in
his own house being so affrighted that he was afraid to stay or
lodge in it being sorely molested always about the dead of the
night & was sorely handled last Saturday in his head & belly as if
a string had been twisted about his head

3 Oct'r 1692 Sworne in Court

atest. *John Higginson
Justice peace

( Suffolk Court Files, Vol. 32, docket 2712 p. 49. )

SWP No. 34.12

( Deposition of Isaac Wellman v. Sarah Cole )

[January 11, 1693 ]

The Deposition of Isaac Welman Aged forty five years, this De-
ponant Testifieth & saith, that I have often heard the Wife of Jno Cole of Linn, wish harm to her Husband, & one time being both at
my house having some words, s'd Sarah Cole wished her Husband
might Dye if ever he came within Daniell Eattons Doore any more

Isaac Welman owned the abovs'd
before the Grand jury Jan'y. 11'th
1692/3 upon the oath hee had taken