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Salem Witchcraft Papers

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SWP No. 46

Esther Elwell

SWP No. 46.1

(Warrant for apprehension of Esther Elwell , Abigail Roe , and Rebecca Dike )

[November 5, 1692 ]

To the Sheriffe of Our County of Essex, his under Sheriffe or De-
puty . or Constable of Glocester, or Constable. Whereas Complaint
Is made by Leut. James Stevens & William Stevens & Nathaniel Coyt
all of Glocester, In the County of Essex In behalfe of their Majes-
ties , unto -- thair Majesties Justices. of the peace. against Esther Ellwell the wife of Samuel Elwell , & Abigail Roe daughter of Hugh Roe: #[Robta] & Rebecka Dike , the wife of Richard Dike . #[both] all of Gloster, af-
foresaid , for that they have Grounded suspicion that the Said Elwell Dike & Roe have wickedly & felloniously Comitted Sundry acts of
witchcraft upon the body of Mrs. Mary fitch the wife of Mr. John fitch of Gloaster afforesaid, unto the Wasteing pineing & Consume-
ing of her body Contrary to the peace of our sovereigne Lord & Lady
the King & Queen & Contrary to the forme of the statutes in that
Case made & Provided. & have Craved Justice & have Entered into
Recognisance, to prosecute the Said Complaint to Effect. the which
is therefore In their Majesties Names. William & Mary of England &c
King & Queen to Require you by vertue hereof forwith or as soon as
may be, to Apprehend Seize & Secure the Said Esther Ellwell Re- becka Dike & Abigall Roe & them haveing So Secured You are the
first Convenient time to bring before their Majesties Justices of the
Peace for the County of Essex that thay may be Examined & Pro-
vided with as the Law Directs of which You are not to faile at your
Perrill & for So Doeing this shall be Your sufficient Warrant,
& make a true Returne under Your hand according to Law --

Ipswich Novemb'r. 5th 1692 Given under my hand

*Tho's. Wade . J: P.
( Suffolk Court Files vol. 32, docket No. 2689 p. 17 )

SWP No. 46.2

(Testimony of James Stevens )

[November 8, 1692 ]

James Stevens testifieth and saith that Mary Fitch did say that she
felt A woman upon the bed, and put forth hir hand, and felt the
hair and felt the hair of hir head and A peg in it, also testifieth
that she said she was squesed to pieces, whereas I saw no body
hurt hur.

Ipswich Nov'br: the 8th 1692 sworne
before us,

*Daniell Epps , J: P:
Tho's. Wade: J: P:

( Suffolk Court Files Vol. 32, docket No. 2689 p. 17 )

SWP No. 46.3

(Elizabeth Hubbard v. Abigail Row, Esher Elwell, Rebecca Diks )

[November 9, 1692 ]

The Deposition of Elizabeth Hubburd aged
Seventeen years saith: that she saw Abigall Row Ester Elwell & Rebecca Dike ^or three in ther likeness^ o pressing
Squezeing & choaking of mary ffitch the
wife of John ffitch: which was done on
thirsday the third of November ^1692^ and at
Severall other times, & ye ^last^ night that.
Night she said, ffitch did she saw one on one side & another-
on ye other side & one at her back.
[unclear] 9br ye 8th 1692. affirmed before us
Daniell Epps, J:P
Thos. Wade. J:P.

Elizabeth: Hubard being asked whither she thought
that ye persons within named was ye Cause of ye death-
of Mary fitch she said she could not tell what to think
about it.

Documents in MISC. MS. in the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA.