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SWP No. 47

Martha Emerson

SWP No. 47.1

(Warrant for apprehension of Martha Emerson, and Officer's Return )

[July 22, 1692 ]
To the Sherriff of the County of Essex or his Dept or Constable of

You are in theire Majest's names hereby required forthwith or as
soon as may be to Bring before us Martha Emerson /the wife of
Joseph Emerson of Haverhill, who was Daughter of Roger toothak[e]r
of Belrica late Deceased; who stands accused of haveing committed
sundry acts of Witchcraft Lately on the Bodys of Mary Warren Mary Lacy & others to theire graete hurtes. And that in
Order to her Examination Relateing to the abovesaid Premisses
and hereof faile not Dated Salem July the 22th 1692 , You are like-
wise required to make diligent search for any Images or Popetts
&c in s'd house or aboute itt --


*Bartho. Gedney
*John Hathorne
*Jonathan. Corwin
*John Higginson {
Justices Peace

by virtue of the of this warant I have Seased Martha Emerson of
haverhill and have brought her here to answer to what shall be
Charged Against her
Dat this 22 of July 1692
Per me *William Starling
( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 28, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA.)

SWP No. 47.2

(Examination of Martha Emerson )

[July 23, 1692 ]

Martha Emorson was examined before Maj'r Gedney & other their
Majest'es Justices in Salem July 23: 1692 .

Martha Emorson you are here accused for afflicting: of Mary Warin
& Mary Lasey: by witchcraft: what say you: Answer: I never saw
them. Richard Carrier: s'd he see her hurt them both yester day,
but he had never seen her at the witch meeting: but Mary lasey
sen'r s'd that she had seen both Martha Emorson & her mother at
the witch meeting. Mary Warin & Mary Lacy fell down when s'd
Martha Emorson looked on them: & Mary Lasy was presently well
when s'd Emorson took her by the wrist: two more also fell down
with her looking on them: but: she denyed that she knew anything
of witchcraft.

Mary Warin s'd: that s'd Emersons spectre told her: that: she had rid
a man with an inchanted bridle: & Matthew Herriman: was called:
to say whether he had bin ridden: so or no: who answered. that last
Monday night: he was in a strange condision: and heard it rain
& blow: as I thought: but in the morning there had bin no rain: but
in the morning my tongue was sore & I could not speak till son two
hours high: & Martha Emorson came to our house that morning: as
soon as it was light for fire: Mary: Warin being in a long Dumb fitt;
signified by holding up her hand that this Harriman was the man
that she s'd Emorson s'd she had ridden: but Emorson s'd she knew
nothing of it Emerson was told: that her father: had s'd: he had
tought his Daughter Martha so that she had killed a witch: and:
that was to take the afflicted persons water & put in in a glass or
bottle: & sett it into an oven: Emorson owned she had [kept] a
womans urin: in a glass. Emorson was asked: who hindred her
from confessing she answered that her Aunt Carrier & good wife Green of Haverill: were before her: good wife Green: was angry
with her: because she would not be like her selfe for Green had
Inticed her a fortnight: to afflict & she would not: she s'd Greens wife would have her be of: that number: she was asked what Num-
ber : she s'd the number of Devils: she complaynd: that: Greens wife
& her Aunt Carrier: took her by the throat: & that they would not
lett her Confess. she s'd Greens wife had a pigg that use to follo
her: but after ward she Denyed all. & s'd: what she had s'd was in
hopes to have favour: & now she could not Deny god: that had keept
her from that sin: & after s'd though he slay me I will trust in him.

(Reverse) Mar. Emerson Exam.
Mary Warran Owned before the Grand jury Jan'y 10th
1692 that Martha Emerson had afflicted her severall times before
& at this time when she was presant with us

SWP No. 47.3

(Indictment v. Martha Emerson for Afflicting Mary Warren ) [++ January 10, 1693 ]

Province of the Massathusetts Bay in New England Essex Anno RRs & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c. Quarto Anno'q \ Do[mbar ] 1692

The Juro's. for our sovereigne Lord & Lady the: King & Queen
Presents That Martha Emerson of Haverhill in the County of Essex
Married Woman on the 23d of July 1692 -- And Diverse other Dayes
and Times as well before as after Certaine Detestable Arts called
Witchcraft & Sorceries Wicked[ly] Mallishiously & Felloniously
hath Used -- Practised & Exercised at & in the Towne of Salem in
the County afores'd upon and against one Mary Warren Single-
woman By which Wicked Arts the said Mary Warren the Day & year
afores'd and Divers other Dayes & times as well before as after was
& is Tortured Afflicted Tormented Pined & Wasted against the
Peace of our sovereigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen their Crowne
and Dignity and the Lawes in that case made & Provided