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SWP No. 92.19

( Deposition of John Allen v. Susannah Martin )

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[June 7, 1692]

The deposion of Left John Allen of Salsbury aged 45 years testifying sayth That in or about the year [] this deponent was haling timber for Mr Georg Car for building a vesell at Amsbery at mr Goodins building place & haveing don & about to go home Susana martin then wif of Georg martin desired this deponent to cart staves for them which this deponent refused to do because of his oxn which wear weake & needed now to gett flesh but shee seemed to be discontent (and as Jams freez and others then present told this Deponent (that shee sayd) I had [had] ben as good I had (for my oxn shoold never do me much more servis) upon w'ch this deponent sayd dost thretn me thou old wich or words to that efect resolving to throw her into a brook that was fast by: which to avoyd she flew over the bridge & so escaped: but as he was going home on of his oxn tired that he was forst to unyok him to get him home And after they wear com home: put the s'd oxn to Salsbury beach whear several other oxn whear catl usualy are putt whear they had Long rang of meadows to feed on & whear catle did use to gett flesh: but in a few days al the oxn upon the beach we found by thayr tracks wear gon to the mouth of the River merimak but not returned from whenc we thought they wear run into the s'd river: but the next day sending to plum Iland found thayr tracks ther to be com ashore w'ch tracks they followed to the other end of s'd Iland & a consideribl way bak againe & then sate down w'ch being espyed by those that fought them thay did use all Immaginabl gentlenes to them to som acquaintanc w'ch som of them seemed to attend but all on a sudaine away thay all run with such violenc as if thay their mosion had ben dyabolical till thay came neer the mouth of merimak river and then: turned to the right hand & ran right in to the sea all but to old oxn (w'ch had before Left thayr Company) and all the rest went to sea a far as thay coold see them: & then on of them came back againe with such swiftnes as was amazing to the be holders who stood redy to Imbrac him & help his tired carcase up: but Letting him Loose away he runs up into the Iland & from there through the marshes up in to newbery towne & so up into their woods and ther was after a while found about hartechok river over against Amsbery so that of: 14: good oxn only that was saved the rest were all cast up som at Cap and som in on plac and som in other of thay [thay] only had the hids: he farther sayth that the abovesd James freeze did often move the [pbar ]secuting of the s'd Susana martin in the case being undoutedly confident that shee was a wich

Left John Allin made oathe to the truth of all that is above written Jun the 7th 1692

before me *Robt Pike Asst

Jurat in Curia
(On reverse side of paper)
Jno. Allen
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 188.)