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SWP No. 93.1

(Account of Mary Morey -- Case of Sarah Morey )

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[++ September 13, 1692]

To the honered Committy Now Setting apinted by The Ginerall Court The Humbell pition of Mary Morey Widdow of Peter Morey of bavrly desert [sours] our Dautor Sarey Morey Whas folsly accused & Imprisened for the Sin of Whichcraft The Month of May one Thousand Six Hundred ninty Tew and remaned In prison, Teill Januarey following our Said dautor Whas Treyed & Cleared by Law Which Imprisonment Whas Much more To our Damage Then I Cann Think of know or Cann Speek but what fowlows Now Is What I have pade out of My pocket for her Charges & our Expenes In [Gurning] to Is Cist her

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To Savarall Jorneys to Boston & to Salem, 02: 00: 0
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