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SWP No. 24.8

( Testimony of Benjamin Abbott v. Martha Carrier )

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[August 3, 1692 ]

The teastymony of Benjamin Abbutt aged about 31 years Saith:
last march was twelfe months: then haveing Some land granted to
me by the Touwne of Andover Near to good man Carriers his land,
& when this land Came to be laied out goodwiffe Carrier was verÿ
Angerÿ , & said that she would stick as Closs to Benjamin Abbut as
the bark stooke to the Tree & that I should Repent of it afore Seven
years Came to an Eand & that doctor prescott Could Never Cure
me: These words were heard bÿ Allin Toothaker She also Said to
Ralph farnam Jun'r that she would hold my noss so Closs to the
grindstone as Ever it was held since mÿ Name was Benjamin Abbut:
presently after I was taken with a swelling in mÿ foott & then was
taken with a paÿne in mÿ side Ecksidienglÿ Tormented, wich bred
to a sore: which was lancit bÿ docter prescott & severall gallons of
Corruption did Run out as was Judged & so Continued about six
weeks Verÿ bad, & then one other sore did breed in mÿ grine wich
was lancit bÿ doct.prescott also: & Continued verÿ bad a while
& then on other sore breedin mÿ grine which was also Cutt: & putt me
to verÿ great misserÿ , so that it brough me almost to Deaths doore,
& Continued, untill goodwiffe Carrier was Taken & Carried a waÿe
by the Constable & that verÿ daÿ I begun to grow better, mÿ soers
grew well & I grew better Everÿ daÿ: & so have been well Ever since:
& have great cause to think that the s'd Carrier had a great hand in
my sickness & misery

*benjamen Abbut

Jurat in Curia Aug't 3'd. 1692.

Attest *Step. Sewall Cle[rbar ].
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 314 )