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SWP No. 133.11

(Petition from Andover Selectmen)

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To the Hono'ed Court now sitting at Ipswich The Petition of the Select men of Andover sheweth;

That wheras Samuel Wardwell and his wife of Andover, were lately apprehended and committed to prison for witchcraft, and have left severall small children who are uncapable of provideing for themselves, and are now in a suffering condition: we have thought it necessary and convenient that they should be disposed of in some familyes where there may be due care taken of them. We therefore humbly pray yo'r Hon'rs to inform us what is our duty in this case, and to give #(us) order so to dispose of them that their necessityes may be releived, and to grant liberty to improve so much of their fathers Estate as is necessary for their present supply And yo'r Petition'rs Shall ever pray &c

*John Abbott.

and *John Aslabee

by order of the saleckt men

(Reverse) Select Men of


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( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 45 )