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SWP No. 63.14

(Deposition of Samuel Abbey and Mary Abbey v. Sarah Good )

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[+ June 29, 1692 ]

Samuel Abbey of Salem Villiage Aged 45. Years or thereabouts and Mary Abbey his wife aged 38 years or thereabouts, Deposeth and Saith:

That about this Time three Years past W'm: Good and his wife Sarah Good being destitute of an house to dwell in these Deponents out of Charity, they being Poor. lett them live in theirs some time, untill that the said Sarah Good was #[of] so Turbulant a Spirritt, [Spirritt,] Spitefull and so Mallitiously bent, that these Deponents could not suffer her to Live in their howse any Longer; and was forced for Quiettness sake to turne she the said Sarah , with her husband, out of their howse, ever since, which is about two years 1/2 agone; the said Sarah Good , hath carried it very Spitefully & Mallitiously, towards them, the winter following after the said Sarah was gone from our house, we began to Loose Cattle, and Lost severall after an unusall Manner, in drupeing Condition and yett they would Eate: and your Deponents have Lost after that manner 17 head of Cattle within two years, besides Sheep, and Hoggs: and both doe beleive they Dyed by witchcraft, the said William good on the last of may, was twelve months, went home to his wife the s'd Sarah Good , and told her, what a sad-Accident had fallen out, she asked what, he answered that his neighbour Abbey had lost two Cowes, both dyeing within halfe an hour of one another; the s'd Sarah good said she did not care if he the said Abbey had Lost all the Cattle he had, as the said Jno. Good told us. Just that very Day, that said Sarah good was taken up, we yor Deponents had a Cow that could not rise alone, but since presently after she was taken up, the said Cow was well and could rise so well, as if she had ailed nothing: she the said Sarah Good : ever since these Deponants turned her out of their howse she hath #[carried] behaveed her selfe very crossely & Mallitiously, to them & their Children calling their Children vile Names and hath-threetened them often

Jurat in Curia.
(Reverse) Sam.Abbey & wife
Sarah Good