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SWP No. 19.1

(Examination of Sarah Bridges )

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[August 25, 1692 ]

August 25'th 1692.

Sarah Bridges of Andivor Examined before the Justices of Salem --
She was told She was Charged for Hurting Martha Sprage by witch-
craft but denyed it & hoped God would Clear her Inocencey the
afflicted persons were Struck Dwone into a fitt & helped up by the
touch of her hand Rich'd Carrier S'd it was She that was Upon
the afflicted in there fitt She disowned witchcraft Saying She had
never Sett her hand to the Divels book nor been baptized by him
though She was told that her Sister Hannah Post had Confesed
that She was one of the Company that had been baptized w'th her
at 5 Mile pond yett denyed that She had any thing to doe w'th the
Divel or that She had Seen or heard anything that was [tending]
She was throwne of her horse once Indeed Coming from Ipswich
& frighted by it but She thought it was by her aunt How, know
nothing of Witchcraft She was Sensible the afflicted were Strang-
ly Struck Dwone but She knew not the Mening of it -- Yett after
[She owned] She owned She had been in the Divels [Snare] Ever Since the last
winters & that the Divel Came to her like a man would have her
Signe to his book & told His name Was Jesus & that She must Serve
& worship him She did Sign the book & the Mark was Red he told
me I must goe and afflict Some body & the Divel prickt her finger
& She made a Red Mark in the book the Divel told her She must Re-
nounce god & Christ & promis to Serve him & I did S'd She & She
S'd the Divel Came Sometimes like a bird Som times like abare Som-
times like aman but most frequently like aman he told me Since I
Came here he would kill me if I Conffesed She S'd her Compa. was
Mary Post her Sister hanah & Mary Bridges that She used to afflict
persons by Squezing her hands & Sticking pins in her Cloths She
owned She had been baptized by the Divel w'th her Sister Susana post Mary Bridges & that She was to Serve the Divel 4 year [Brought
from over leafe]

& he was to have body & Soul She owned She had been to the witch
Meeting at Chandlers Garrison at Andivor & that She thought there
ware @ 200 Witches their & that they Eat bred & Drank wine & that
Some of the prisoners were there She S'd She had heard of but one
Inocent man Imprisoned yet for witchcraft & that was abbott of Ips-
wich being asked w't She thought of the afflicted whether they Ware
witches She S'd no they were Honest persons that helped to bring
out the witches She owned She had Some times Rid upon a pole
& being bid to goe and ask foregiveness of the afflicted She did
& owned She had afflicted them but would Doe it no more but would
Renounce the Divel & his Works & the afflicted persons forgave her
& She could talk w'th them & not hurt them -- These two persons
Hanah Post & Sarah Bridges have Conffesed the Circumstances of
what the afflicted S'd of them & not Saying falswhood to them or
any one of their Charging of them as that they have afflicted the
time when the way how they afflicted them the place where all agree-
ing w'th the afflicted have Charged them as thus the afflicted would
Say did not you afflict me Such atime in Such a place in Such amaner
they did answer Yes I did I am Sorry for it pray forgive me & for-
givenes they asked w'th plenty of tears whereas they Could not Shed
on tear before as was well observed Hannah Post owned her being
Struck at her unkle Tilers by the Constab'e as the afflicted had Said
and as to the number of witches the afflicted S'd their Saw @ 200
at Chandlers Metting Soe S'd those two they thought their was
@ 200, Soe also Susana Post in her Confession Sayth She Saw @ 200,
at a witch Metting at the Village Mary Bridges Said in her Con-
ffesion Sayd She Saw @ 100 at a witch Metting that She was at --

( Essex Institute Collection, no. 24, 6r-v, James Duncan Phillips Library, Salem, MA.)