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SWP No. 24.9

(Deposition of Sarah Abbott v. Martha Carrier )

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[August 3, 1692 ]

The deposition of Sarah Abbott aged about 32 years testifieth
that since my husband had a parcell of land granted by the Towne,
lying near the land of Thomas Carrier , (Which as I have heard) his
wife Martha Carrier was greatly troubled att & gave out Threatening
words) that my husband Benjamin Abbott has not been only afflic-
ted in his body, as he testifies, but alsoe that strange & unusuall
things has happened to his Cattle, for some have died suddenly
& strangely, which we could not tell any naturall reason for, & one
Cowe Cleaned a fourthnight before she Calved, but the Cowe died
afterwards strangely though she calved well soe far as we Could
[pbar ]rceive , & some of the Cattle would Come out of the woods w'th
their tounges hanging out of their mouths in a strange & affright-
ing manner, & many such things, which we can give noe account of
the reason of, unless it should be the effects, of martha Carriers

Juriat: in Curia
Aug't 3'd 1692 attest
her mark.

Sarah Abbott
*Steph:Sewall Cle[rbar ].

(Reverse) Ben Abbott & wife
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 314 )