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SWP No. 135.7

(Elizabeth Booth v. Mary Warren and Daniel Andrew )

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Salem May the 18'th 1692

Elizabeth Booth Aged 18 years or thereabouts, Testifieth and saith that the three first fitts she had, she saw nothing: but afterwards in her fitts this Deponent saw Daniell Andross who told her though Mary Warren could not hurt her the night before now he would: and withall Brought: a Book and bid this deponent sett her hand to it: but the night before as she Lay in her Bed Mary warring went to her bed side and brought a little Baby to this Deponent and told her that she might sett her hand to the Book. and not know of it: but this Deponent told the said Andross she would not: then he told the said Deponent that he would Afflicted Still since this Deponent hath been afflicted severall times by the said Andross: & others that she knows not.

(On reverse) Eliz Booth against Daniell Androw

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 32 )