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SWP No. 126.6

(Examination of Job Tookey )

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7 June 1692 Before Major Gidney Mr Hauthorn & mr Corwin The examination of Job Stuky

After propounding Severall questions and negative answers returned q Did you not say the other day that you saw the Devil. Answer I knew not then what I said. -- The said Stuky lookeing upon the afflicted persones struck them down with his eyes & recovered them by takeing of them Severally by the hand or wrist

Mary warrin in a trance said that Gamaliel Hawkins was dead in Barbados and Job Stuky #(had) did stick a great pin into him Being out of her trance she affirmed as before and added one Andrew woodberry more. and that Stuky had bewitched Betty Hews Susanna Shelden said that Stuky had killed one Androw woodberry And one Gamaliel (but was just then choakt) A litle efter she proceeded & said that Tuky had murdered Trasks child And that he run a great pin into a poppets heart which killed the said Hawkins. Warrin said she saw a young child under the table cryeing out for vengean[e] upon Stuky Elizabeth jnr #(Mary) booth pointed to the same place but could not speake Shelden said that Stukyes apparaition told her he would never reveale again what he had said before.

Mary warrin then saw a man rise up also before Stuky

Mary walcot saw 3 men 3 women and two childrens Apparitions who all cryed for vengeance. against Stucky (and then her mouth was stopt) within a litle while she said she knew not the persones, but they appeared in their winding sheets and looked pale upon her but Red upon Stuky

Elizabeth #(Mary walcot) Booth #[Mary Warrin] & Sus: Shelden saw the same 8 persones cryeing out for vengeance upon Stuky and looked as red as blood Shelden said that John Trasks child was one, As also Gamaliel Hawkins and Andrew woodberry.

Shelden said that Stuky had pinched & choaked her this day Mary warrin saw the apparitions of Hawkins and severall more but knew them not, She saw also the apparitions of seargin & her child; had [torn]n a fit & cryed out upon one Burse.

I under subscrybing being appointed by the justices of the Peace in Salem to take down in writing the Examination of Job Tooky Doe testify the above written to be a true coppy of the originall as to the substance of it

W'm Murray

(Reverse) Examinaton of Job #(?) Tookie

7: June 1692

( Mass. Archives, Vol. 135 No. 32 )