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SWP No. 108.5

(Statement of Susannah Sheldon v. Daniel Andrew , Sarah Proctor, George Jacobs, Jr. , & Phillip English )

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[+ May 23, 1692]

the complaint of Susanah Sheldon of Mr andras and sarah proctor 20 of this may thay both aflicted me the next day sarah procter brought the book to me and Sarah procter and andres and iorg gacobe thay mad me def and dum and blind al nigh and the next day tel 10 of clock then cam inges and brougt his book and drod his knife and said if I would not touch it he would cut my throt then thar A perd to me A. ded man ho told me his nam was Joseph rabson then he looked upon ingles and told him that he murderd him and drounded him in the se thar was a nother man in the boot A long with me and the boot tosed up and doun and turend over and my handes ware clunched that I could not lay hold the other man layd hold and was saved then he told me that I must tell mast[e]r hatheren and told me that I should not rest tel I had told it then inglish told me that if I did he would cut my leges of then ther a pered to me a shiny man and told me I should tel of it to morah then inglesh tole me that he would go kill the govenner if he could he would go try he was the gretes innemy he had then he sayd that he would kil 10 folck in boston before next six day if he was not tacken up the greter wieman a flict me stil

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 No. 314.)