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SWP No. 136.15

( John Andrew and Joseph Andrew v. Sarah Wilds)

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The deposistion of John Andrew aged about 37 years and Joseph Andrew agged about 33 years: both of Boxford who testifieth and saith that in the year 1674: we ware amowing together and one of us broak our sith [scythe] and not haveing oppertunity jest then to mend that nor by another wee went to the house of John willes sen'r of Topsfeild to borow a sith: but when we came there there was no man att whom: but the said willes wife who is now charged with acts of wicthcraf: was with in: and we asked hir to lend us a sith but she said had noe siths to lend: but one of hir neighbors being also there said to us there is John willes jun'rs sith hanging in that tree which stood by the house you may take that and spak#(a)e with him as you goe to your work for he is at worke neare the way as you goe along: and accordingly we took down the sith out of the tree and tould the old woman that we would ask leave of John willes jun'r for his sith before we used it: but she was very angry and said it was a brave world that every one did what they would. however we went away with the sith: but we had not been gon very fare from the house but a litle lad came after. us whose name was Efraime willes: and tould us that his mother said we had best bring the sith back againe: or Elce it should be a dear sith to us: however. we went on our way with the sith and asked the Right owner of it leave for it before we used it and went to our work and cutt down as much grass that day as made about three load of hay: and Returned the sith to the owner: and afterwards made up our hay: and afterwards went to carting of our hay and went into the meadow and loaded up one load very well and caried it whom: and went againe into the meadow and loaded a second load and [bound] it and went to Drive it whom: but when we came to drive our oxen wee could not make them stire the load tho we had six good oxen and the Two foremost oxen ware on the upland and the meadow very firme where we carted constantly: but we strived a while to make our oxen goe but could not fit them along; att last one of our wheales fell in up to the stock altho the meadow was feirme: then we threw almost all the hay from ofe our cart and thought to trie to git out the cart with sum hay upon it but we could not. then we said one to another. it was in vain to strive for we thought gooddy willes was in the cart. and then we threw of all the hay and then we tried to make our oxen draw out the emty cart which at first they could not doe: but att last the whele jumpt up at once we knew not how almost redy to thro down our oxen on their #(heads) knees then againe we loaded up our load of hay very well and bound it: and away wee went with it very well tell we came near to a very dangerous hill to goe down with a load of hay: and then I the said Joseph Andrew was by the foremost oxen and saw sumthing about as bigge as a dogge glance from a stump or root of a tree along by me and the oxen and the oxen began to jump: but I could not sti#(u)re from the place for I know not how long: and I the said John Andrew being by the hindmost oxen saw nothing but the oxen begining to jump I cast [caught] hold of one of the oxen bowes & as was caried down viollently that dangerouse hill I know not how: where was a brooke at the bottom of it with a bridge and a ford: and the oxen ran into the ford and over thrue the load of hay their: and when I came to To understand where I was and saw the oxen ware all well I began to bethinke my self of my Brother Joseph: and Immediatly called him but he gave no answer. and I began to be trobled for him and went backward towards the place where the oxen were affrighted and I called severall times but he gave me no answer at last I called and said the load is overthron then immediatly he answered me and came unto me: but how the load should keep upon the wheles runing so violently down that dangerous hill: #(?) & being over throne whare it was we can give no account unles it was don by summ diabolicall art: then againe we gott up our cart and loaded up our hay very firme resolving to gitt hom our load if we could tho it was night: and when we had loaded we went to bind our load: but by all the skill [and] strenth we had we could now wayes bind our load with our cart rope but it would hang lose on our load: however we went away whom with our load and it laid very well for all it was night and our load unbound: also before we got whom many of our friends and neighbors meet us being consarned for us because we ware so latte & they also saw our cart Rope hang lose and tould us of it. and wee tould them what mishap we had that day: and they also tried to fasten the Rope but could not: all which made us then to think and ever sence have thought: and still doe thinke that Gooddy willes who #(had) now stands Charged with High suspition of severall acts of wicthcraft had a hand in our Mishap at that time#(?).

Jno Andrew: and Joseph Andrew. declared: the evidence: written on these two sides to: be the truth on: their oathes: declared: before the Jury of inquest: June 30. 92.

Jurat in Curia
by both [Pbar ]sons
(On reverse side of paper) Jno & Joseph Andrew ag'st Wilds
( Essex Institute MSS. Collection )