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SWP No. 72.25

(Testimony ofThomas Andrews v. Elizabeth How )

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[July 1, 1692]

July 1692.

The Testimony of Thomas Andrews of Boxford aged about 50. yeers This deponant Testifieth and saith that Isack Comings senior of Topsfield sent for me To healp a mare that was not well & when I came there the mare was. in such a Condition that I Could not tell what she ailed for I never saw the Like her Lips ware Exeedingly swelled that the Insides of Them Turned outward & Looked Black & blew & gelled her Tung was in the same Condition I told the said Comings I Could not tell what to doe for her I perceived she had not the Botts w'ch I did att first think she had butt I said she might have some great heat in her Body & I would applie a pipe of Tobacco to her & that was Concented to and I litt a pipe of Tobaco and putt itt under her fundiment & there came a Blew flame out of the Bowle & Run along the stem of s'd pipe & took hold of the haer of s'd maer & Burnt itt & we tryed itt 2 or 3 times together & itt did the same itt semed to burn Blew butt Run Like fyer that is sett on the gras to Burn itt in the spring Tyme & we struck itt outt w'th our hands & the s'd Comings s'd that he would trye no more for s'd he I had Rather Loose my mare than my barn & I this deponant doe testify that to the Best of my understanding was the same mare that James Hough Junior Belonging to Ipswich farmes husband To Elizabeth Hough . would have [have] Borowed of the s'd Comings

*Tho Andrews
(Reverse) Thomas Andrew Deposition
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 152 )