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SWP No. 106.10

(Declaration of Arthur Abbott )

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This may Certifie all whome this writting shall come before, that on the 15'th of October 1692, Arthur Abbut sent for me Daniell Epps and Capt Thomas wade Esqr both of Ipwich, finding himselfe very weake and Ill by Reason of some sad distempers upon him, in Order to the makeing his will. leaveing something that might be to the view of the world -- Reffering to the Evidence that he had given in the Honored Court of Oyer and terminer held at Sallem a little before, which was as followeth, Viz:

I Arthur Abbut haveing a great impulse upon me to declare unto the Honored Court (as abovesayed sitting in Salem) some things that I had formarly discoursed with Goodwife procter of Salem about and seen in her House, And gave Evidence thereof unto the s'd Honored Court, being a short time after sent for by the Wor'll Samuel Appleton Esq'r And by him accused for takeing a false oath therein, I doe humblie acknowledg my weaknes and reale sorrow for mentioning stateing the time, or any way insisting upon that, Butt being Extraordinarily Charged with fallshood as to the things I had both seen and heard in her House, I did with more than ordinarie Exprestion atest the truth thereof And doe as in the presence of God, before whose Tribunall, both the accuser and the accused must appeare, Certinly affirme upon good Consideration and deep meditation, that to be true, which I had before declared to the Court, neither did I intend any of those great and solem expressions at Majore Appletons , should any way be understood as to the time, but the things themselves, and this desired to leave to the world, not knowing how it might please God to deale with me;

This was taken from Arthur Abbut at his Earnest request, at the time above mentioned by us

*Daniell Epps . J: p

Dated this 9'th of November 1692

I also affirme that I did hear the said Arther Abbutt the day above mentioned (when Cap't. Epps was present) declare & affirme that what he had before said was the Truth according as is above Expressed. it being read to him or the like words after it was taken downe from his Mouth. speach

Wittness *Thos Wade: J. P.

(Reverse) Arthur Abbott his declaration when sick before Justices

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 27 )