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SWP No. 124.1

(Examination of Mary Taylor )

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Mary Tayler examined before their Majest's Justices: at Salem Sept'r 5'th 1692 Jno Hawthorn Esq'r & others

It was sayd to her: you are acused for afflicting M'rs Mary Marshall by by witch craft: but she s'd she knew nothing of it

Mrs. Marshall did you acuse this woman or do you acuse her for hurting you [by] by witchcraft: A. Yes. she has beat me & came to perswade me to worship her god: & told me my god could not save me & she has brought images to me

S'd Tayler Was bid to look on M'rs Mary Marshall: & did & s'd Marshall was struck Down by it & s'd when she could speak it was s'd Tayler that struck her down: Mary lascy s'd also that s'd Tayler was upon s'd Marshall Tayler was told she had a dangerous eye: that struck folk down: which gives ground to think she was a witch: but she s'd she was not sencible she was one S'd Tayler : look't on Hannah Post: & Mary Lascy: & they fell down & Susa'n Post s'd Tayler was upon them: Mary Warin fell down also when she was bid to look on: s'd whether Tayler hurt: Post & Lascy: s'd Tayler was asked how she kild w'm Hooper : but she disownd any knowledge of it: but Sam'll Wardwel asked her: if she never had fallen out with: his bro Hooper : Maj'r Swayn s'd her falling out with Hooper would easyly be proved: Wardwel s'd their falling out was becaus s'd Hooper took his child from s'd Tayler: that she had to suckle: Mary Waren fell into a fitt: & was helped up again: by a touch of Taylers hand: she was asked if she had bin babtized: she s'd the at Charlstown: when she was a child but ownd nothing of witchcraft exept: she had in a passion wished bad wishes becaus M'rs Marshall had complayned: of her. Maj'r Swayn told her she had used thretning words both to his sister & others. s'd Tayler was asked about burning Hoopers hous: where the fire began first: but s'd knew nothing of it she was att home in her #(bed) hous: but Sam'll Wardwell told s'd Tayler: they had a meeting: in Tryumph after: the hous of Hoopers was burnt & drank the wine that was provided for Hoopers funerall: & that s'd Tayler & Jane Lilly was there: at the drinking of it & one from Billerica: Maj'r Swayne s'd the wine for the buriall of Hooper was drunk: Sam'll Wardwell told Tayler: she might remember the stroke & the stroke and the Double stroke: the troke was the killing: the man the other stroke was: the firing the hous: being asked what the duble stroke was s'd Wardwell knew not but that it might be the destroying the rest of Hoopers family: the Reddin Constable s'd that: s'd Tayler yesterday s'd who ever lived to se would finde M'rs Marshals cace like Mary Warins & that there was a hott pott now: & a hott'r pott preparing for her here & being asked what she ment by the hotter pott s'd that if M'rs Marshall wronged her hell would be prepared for her: but after ward she s'd she would tell: & desired prayers that she might tell the truth: but was much hindred: but was asked if the last sabath was seven night. was not the first time of her hurting Mary Marshall: which at last she in a manner owned: & she s'd to 'Mr Nois & M'r Keyzer. the Devill & goodi Dustin brought her a birch #(b) Rhine [rind] which she signed to: she owned she had promised the devill to serv him #(worship) him & trust in him: & to give up soul & body to him but: the first of her being a witch was her frequenting: goodwife Dastins hous & goodwife Dastin had bin twice at her hous in the night to her: but she would not own that the devil had babtized her: nor that she Joyned in killing Hooper : nor burning his hous the time of her frequenting Dastins hous was the last winter she owned she had bent her fist & wished ill to M'rs Marshall: & that goodwife Dastin & her Daughter was with her: & it was at Jane Lillyes hous & she begd forgivn's of the afores'd.

this is the substance of what: Mary Tayler: s'd at her examination: & of what was s'd there. taken out of my characters:

*Simon Willard

I und'r writen: being appinted by Authority: to take. the above #(within) examination doe testifie upon oath taken in Court that this is a tru Coppy of the substance of it to the best of my knowledge: 5 Janu'y 1692/3

*Simon Willard

(Reverse) The within Mary Tayler was examined before their Majestes Justice of the peace in Salem

atest *John Higginson Just'e peace

Owned before the Grand Jury

5 January 1692/3

*Robert Payne foreman:

#(This is Eved) Maj'r Jeramiah Swaine #(in Court) and M'r William Arnold Swoarn in Court to the truth of the within Confession being present at her examination.


*Jona' Elatson


Mary Tayler of Reding in midlesex ( Suffolk Court Records Case No. 2710 Page 43 )