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SWP No. 92.33

( Testimony of Sarah Atkinson v. Susannah Martin )

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[+ June 29. 92 ]

Sarah Attkinson aged forty Eight years or thereabouts testifieth thatt Some time in the Spring of the year about Eighteen years Since Susanna Martin came unto our house att Newbury from Amsbury in an Extraordinary dirty Season w'n itt was not fitt for any [pbar ]son to travell She then came on foot, w'n She came into our house I asked her whether She came from Amsbury a fot She Sayd She did I asked how She could come in this time a foott and bid my children make way for her to come to the fire to dry her selfe She replyed She was as dry as I was and turn'd her Coats on Side, and I could nott [pbar ]ceive thatt the Soule of her Shows were wett I was startled att itt that she should come soe dry and told her thatt I should have been wett up to my knees if I Should have come So farr on foott she replyd thatt She scorn'd to have a drabled tayle