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SWP No. 137.25

( Thomas Bailey v. John Willard )

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The deposition of Thomas Baly aged 36 yeares who testefieth and sayth

That I being at Groaton. some short tyme after John Willard. as the report went had beaten his wife I went to cal him home. and comeinge home with him in the night I heard such a hideous noyse of strang creatures I was much affrighed for I never had heard the like noyse I fearinge they might be some evil spirits I enquired of the sayd Willard what might it be that made such a hideous noyse the sayd Willard sayd they were Locust: the next days as I suppose the sayd Williards #(bringing his wife) wife with a younge childe and her mather being upon my mare. ridinge. betweene Groaton Mil and Chensford. they. being willing to goe on foote a litle desired me to ride: then I taking my mare being willing to let her feed a litle: there as I remember I aprehend I heard the same noyse agayne where at my mare started and got from me.

Jurat in Curia.
(Reverse) Tho. Bayley ag't Willard
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 101 )