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SWP No. 32.5

( Deposition William Baker v. Rachel Clenton )

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[+ April 4, 1692 ]

The Deposion of William Baker Aged 36 years Saith: About 10 years
Agoo: I living with my Master Rust: There was a Barrill of strong
beer brewed & the Day it was Brewed Rachell Clinton came there,
& was with sum small Thing: But what it was I can not tell: & the Day
morning the Bere was put in to the Berrill: & that day said Rachell
went bakwords and forrowords, 6 or 7 times: up & Dow the lane
that Leds to our house & Did not com in to the house that Day:
& that night following: hannah Rust: went Downe to see whether the
Bere worked or no: & Puld out the tape & could find no Bere in
the Barrel: neither was there any appearance of wet upon the flouer:
and presently after we fild the Barril with worter and it was in a
night and Day and Did not Leke any of it out as we could see And
after that we our folke Brued another Barrel of Bere and put it in
the sam Barrill & it Did not Leke tall after that And further Saieth

( Suffolk Court Records, vol. 31 Docket No. 2660, p. 140 )