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SWP No. 14.3

( Elizabeth Balch & Abigail Waldon v. Sarah Bishop )

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[+ May 20, 1692 ]

The Depotion of Elizabeth Balch of Beverly Aged aboute Eight
& thirty years & wife unto Benjamin Balch ju'r This Deponant Testi-
fieth hereby & saith that she being at Salem on the very Day that
Cap't Georg Curwin was buried & in the evening of s'd Day Cominge
from s'd Salem unto s'd Beverly on horse back with her sister then
known by the name of Abigaile Woodburie now Abigaile Waldon Liv-
ing in Wenham wife unto Nathaniell Waldon Rideing behinde her
& as they were Rideing as befour & were Come soe far as Crane River
Common soe Called Edward Bishop & his wife over tooke us (on
horse back) who are both now in prison under suspition of witch-
craft & had some words of Difference it seemed unto us. s'd Bishop
rideing in to the brooke pretty hastily she finding fault with his soe
doing & said that he would throw her in to the water or words to
that purpose s'd Bishop Answered her that it was noe matter if he
Did or words to that Effect: & soe wee Rode along all together to-
ward Beverly & she blamed her husband for Rideing soe fast & that
he would Doe her a mischeife or words to that purpose & he An-
swered her that it was noe matter what was Done unto her or words
to that purpose: And then s'd Bishop Directed his speech unto us
as we Rode along & s'd that she had ben a bad wife unto him ever
since they were marryed & reckoned up many of her miscarriages to-
wards him but now of Late she was worse then Ever she had ben
unto him before (and that the Devill Did Come bodyly unto her
& that she was familiar with the Devill & that she sate up all the night
Long with the Devill) or words to that purpose & with such kinde of
Discourse he filled up the time untill we Came to s'd Bishops Dwell-
ing house & this Deponant Did reproove s'd Bishop for speaking in
such a manner unto his wife s'd Bishop Answered it was nothing but
what was truth & s'd Bishops wife made very Little reply to all her
husbands Discourse Dureing all the time we wer with them & farther
said not

the mark of

elezebeth Balch.
the mark

of Abigail walden .

her Answer
if it be soe, you had neede pray, for mee
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem - Witchcraft vol. 1, no. 151.)