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SWP No. 82.1

(Warrant for apprehension of Elizabeth Johnson, Sr. and Abigail Johnson )

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[29: August 1692. ]

Essex:/ To the Constable of Andivor

Complaint being made this day to us by Sam'll. Martin of Andivor & Moses Tyler of Boxford, against Elizabeth Johnson widow and Abigall Johnson Singleweoman of Andivor that they the Said Elizabeth Johnson & Abigall Johnson hath greviously, afflicted and abused Martha. Sprage of boxford & Abigall Martin of Andivor Singleweomen by witchcraft contrary to the Peace of our Sover'ne Lord & Lady William & Mary King & Queen of England &c & to their Majesties Lawes in that case provided, and Said Sam'll Martin & Moses Tyler haveing given Sufficient bond to prosecut their Said Complaint to Effect These are therefore to require you in their Majesties name forthwith to apprehend & seize the Bodys of the Said Elizabeth Johnson widow & Abigall Johnson her dauter Singlewoeman of Andivor & them Safely, convey to Salem before us their Majesties Justices of the Peace to be examined & proceded with according to law, forw'th. this shall be your warrant.

Dated in Salem 29: August 1692.
*Bartho Gedney
* John Hathorne
*John Higginson
Just'es. Peace
in obedenc to this writ I have seased the bodies of Elizabeth jonson widow and abigall jonson hur [torn] Both of andover this 30 day of agust 1692
By me *John Ballard constable of andover
( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 350, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA. Boston.)