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SWP No. 9.2

(Examination of William Barker, Sr. )

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[August 29, 1692]

29. agust. 92.
Mag'r Gidney
m'r hathorn
m'r Corwin
Cap't higginson

William Barker of Andove'rs examination
& confession

He confesses he hes been in the snare of the devil three yeares,
that the devil first appeared to him lyke a black man and perceived
he had a cloven foot, That the devil demanded of
him to give up himself soul & Body unto him, which he promesed to
doe, He said he had a great family, the world went hard with him and
was willing to pay every man his own, And the devil told him he
would pay all his debts and he should live comfortably. -- He confesses
he hes afflicted #[?]sed Sprague foster and martin, his three accusers. That
he did syne the devils book with blood brought to him in a thing
lyke an Inkhorn that he dipt his finger therein and made a blott in
the book which was a confirmation of the Covenant with the devil.
He confesses he was at a meeting of witches at Salem Village
where he judges there was about a hundred of them, that the meeting
was upon a green peece of ground neare the ministe'rs house, He said
they mett there to destroy that place by reason of the peoples being
divided & theire differing with their ministe'rs

Satans design was to set up his own worship, abolish all the
churches in the land, to fall next upon Salem and soe goe through
the countrey, He sayth the devil promeised that all his people should
live bravely that all persones should be equall; that their should be no
day of resurection or of judgement, and neither punishment nor
shame for sin. -- He sayth there was a Sacrament at that meeting,
theire was also bread & wyne m'r Burse was a ringleader in that meet-
ing and named several persones that were there at the meeting, It was
proposed at the meeting to make as many witches as they could,
And they were all by m'r Burse and the black man exhorted to pull
down the Kingdome of christ and set up the Kingdome of the devil,
He said he knew mr Burroughs and Goody How to be such persones,
And that he heard a trumpet sounded at the meeting and thinks it
was Burse that did it, The sound is heard many myles off, And then
they all come one efter another -- In the spring of the yeare the wit-
ches came from Connecticut to afflict at Salem Village but now
they have left it off And that he hes been informed by some of the
grandees that there is about 307 witches in the country, -- He sayth
the witches are much disturbed with the afflicted persones because
they are discovered by them, They curse the judges because their
Society is brought under, They wold have the afflicted persones count-
ed as witches But he thinks the afflicted persones are Innocent
& that they doe god good service And that he hes not known or
heard of one Innocent persone taken up & put in prisone -- He saith
he is heartily sorry for what he has done and for hurting the afflicted
persones his accuse'rs, prayes their forgiveness, desyres praye'rs for
himself, promises to renounce the devil and all his works, And then
he could take them all by the hand without any harme by his eye or
any otherwise
5.7:92 the above Said is the Truth as wittnese my hand:

*William Barker
(In left margin) he owned this is the Court of Oyre & Terminer as
on the back Side
(Reverse) Wm Barkers Exa.
mr Buse
mr Buroughs
Goody How
Coneticut witches
& Severall others
martha Sprage
Rose foster
Abigall martin
at A Court of Oyer & Termine'r held at Salem Sep'r 16 92.:
owned in Court at Salem Sepr. 16. 1692
attest * St: Sewall

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, Vol. 135, No. 39. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA. )