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SWP No. 9.6

(Indictment v. William Barker, Sr., for Covenanting )

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[+ January 13, 1693 ]

Province of the Massachusetts Bay Essex In New England ss Anno RR's & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c Qua'rto Anoq'e Dom 1692

The Juro'rs for our Sov'r lord & lady the King & Queen p'rsent
That William Barker senior of Andivo'r In the County of Essex aforsd
Husbandman About Three years past in the Towneship of Andivo'r
aforesd Wickedly mallitiously & felloniously A Covenant with the
Devill did make, And did Signe the Devills Booke with Blood,
& gave himselfe Soule & body to the Devill, By which Wicked & diabol-
licall Covenant with the Devill made in maner & forme Aforesaid The
Said William Barker is become A A detestable Witch Against the
peace of o'r Sove'r lord & Lady the King & Queen their Crowne
& dignity & the laws in that Case made & provided.

(Reverse) William Barker Senio'r for Covenanting with the Devill

Billa vera
*Robert: Payne foreman

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 38. Boston.)