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(Examination of Mary Barker )

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[August 29, 1692.]

29 August 1692. Before Maj'r Gidney Mr. Hauthorn and Mr. Corwin

The Examination and confession of Mary Barker of Andover

After severall questiones propounded and negative answe'rs Returned
she at last acknowledged that Goody Johnson made her a witch, And
that #[this] sometine last #[spring] sumer she made a red mark in the devils
book with the forefinger of her Left hand, And the Devil would have her hurt
martha Sprague Rose foster and Abigail martin which she did upon
Saturnday and Sabath day last, she said she was not above a quarter of
an hour in comeing down from Andover to Salem to afflict, she
sayes she afflicted the above three persones bye squeezeing her hands.
she confesses she was at the witch meeting at Salem Village with her
unkle, there was a great many theire, and of her company their was
only her unkle, W'm Barker and mary marston Martha Sprague said
that Mary Barkers apparition told that she was baptised at five myle

said Mary Barker said there was such a load & weight at her stom-
ack that hindered her from speakeing And is afrayd she hes given up
her self soul & body to the devil she sayes she promised to serve
worship and beleeve in him And he promessed to pardone her sins,
but finds he hes deserved her, and that she was Lost of god and
all good people, That Goody Jonson and Goody falkner appeared
at the same tyme and threatned to teare her in peeces if she did
not doo what she then did. she further sayth that she hes seen no
appearance since but a fly which did speake to her, and bid her
afflict these poor creatu'rs. which she did by pincheing with, and
Clincheing of her hands for which she is sorry, And further the Devil
told her it would be very brave and cliver for her to come down
here to Salem among these accused persones. And that she should
never be brought out. She promises to confess what more she shall
hereafter remember.

Mary Barker Signed and owned the abovesaid Examination & Confesion THE MARKE of Mary. Barker:

17 Sep't 1692 before me

*John Higginson Jus'e peace

(Reverse) Confession of Mary Barker
acused. w'm Barker Sen'r
Goody Johnson
Goody Falkner
Goody Marston

aflicted Martha Sprage
Rose Foster
Abigall Martin
( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2678, p. 10. )