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SWP No. 10.2

(Examination of William Barker, Jr., Second Version )

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[+ September 1, 1692 ]

1 Sep'r 92 Before Maj'r Gidney M'r Hathorne M'r Corwin Jn'o Higginson Esq'r

The Exam & Confe'son of Wm Barker Jun'r aged 14 Yeares or
their about He is accused for Exercising acts of Witchcraft Upon
the bodyes of Martha Sprauge Rosse fostter & abigall Martin w'ch
he did not deny but Could Not Rememb'r it -- He Confesses now
that he hath not been in the Snare of the Divel above Six # [Years]
days, that as he was Goeing into the Woods one Evening to loeck
after Cows he Saw the Shape of a black dog w'ch looked Verry
fercly Upon Him & he was Much disturbed in his Mind about it
& Could not Sleep well that Night & betimes Next Morning he Mett
w'th a black Man (he Calls him a black man because he had black
Cloaths & thinks he had a black Skin) Who bid him Sett his hand to
his book & Serve him as long as he the s'd Barker lived w'ch he pro-
mised And #[Soe] theirupon Sett His hand to this book by putting his
fing'r Thereon he Saith the black man brought Red Stuf along w'th
him in an Inkorn & he the S'd Barker dipt his finger into it and ther
w'th Made a Red Mark on the paper He Confesses he was to doe any
Servis the black man appointed him # [to doe] & was to have Suite
of Cloaths for it he S'd further the black man would have him bapt-
ized but he Nevr was -- he Saith further that good'e Parker went
w'th him last Night to afflictt Martha Sprauge & that he afflicts by
pinching his hands Together he Saith
he Now is Sorry & hates the Divel but Yett Struck dwone the afflicted w'th his
Eyes -- and Martha Sprauge being Recovered out of a fitt S'd that barkers apperition
& Good'e Parker rod Upon a pole & was baptized at 5 Mile pond -- He
Now Says there was Such a load Upon his Stomach that he Could
Not Speak a little affter he owned he was baptized by the black man
at 5 Mile pond & Renounced his former baptizime he Knows Good'e
parker to be a witch & Says the Divel dipt his head into the Watter
& Spook these words that he the S'd Barker was his for Ever & Ever
He S'd he Could not think of his baptizime before & that the Load
that was Up[] his Stomach Is not Soe heavy as it was Just now He
Stil afflicted Martha Sprauge & Shut her Mouth but by laying his
hand Theron opened it again -- and afterwards Confessed that
ther ware of his Comp'a Good'e parker Good'e Johnson Sam'll Wardwel
his wife & two Daughters & then Could take the afflicted
p'rsons by the Hand w'th out doeing them any harm

Wm Barker Jun'r Signed & owned the above S'd Exam'n &
before Me

*John Higginson Just'e peace
The Marke
X of
Wm Barker Jun'r
( Essex Institute Collection, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem. No. 24, 10r-v. )