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SWP No. 113.14

( John Best, Sr. v. Ann Pudeator )

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The testimony of Jno Best. Senior aged about 48 yeers Testifieth & saith that some yeers Last past that I this Deponat did often hear my wife saye that Ann pudeater would not Lett her alone untill she had killd her By her often pinching & Bruseing of her Till her Earms & other parts of her Body Looked Black By Reson of her soer pinching of her in the Tyme of her sickness of my wife did affarne [affirm] that itt was an pudeater that did afflict her & stood in the Belefe of itt as Long as she Lived

Jurat in Curia
*S Sewall Cler
Sep'r 7'th 92

Jno Best: afirmed: to the truth of the above written: befor. the Jury of inquest. Sept'r 7: 1692
(Reverse) Jno Best Oath ags't An: Pudeator --
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 113 )