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SWP No. 136.2

(Examination of Sarah Wilds )

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The examination of Sarah Wilds At a Court held at Salem Village [lost] 1692

by the worshipful:_ John Hathorn & Jonathan Corwin.

The Sufferers were siezed with sundry[?] the accused came into the Court

Hath this woman hurt you?

Oh she is upon the beam.

Goody Bibber that never saw her before said she saw her now upon the beam, & then said Bibber fell into a fit

What say you to this are you guilty or not?

I am not guilty Sir.

Is this the woman? speaking to the afflict[ed]

Thay all, or most, said yes, & then fell into fits.

What do you say, are you guil[ty]I am not guilty Sir. Is this the woman? speaking to the afflicted They all, or most, said yes,& then fell into fits

I thank God I am free.

Here is a clear evidence that [you have] been not only a Tormenter [but that] You have caused one to sig[ne the] book, the night before last [What do]you say to this?

I never saw the book in my life and I never saw these persons before

Some of the afflicted fell into fits

[Do] you deny this thing that is apparent

All fell into fits, & con[firmed] that the accused hurt th[em]

Did you never consent that [these] be hurt?

Never in my life.

She was charged by some [with] hurting John Herricks mo[ther]

The accused denyed it.

Capt'n How gave in a relation [and] confirmation of the charge before made.

She was ordered to be taken away, & they all cryed out she was upon the Beam, & fell into fits.

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 54 )