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SWP No. 63.26

(Deposition of Sarah Bibber v. Sarah Good )

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[June 28, 1692 ]

The deposition of Sarah Biber aged 36 years testifieth and sayeth that the saterday night before goode Dustin of Reding was examined I saw the apparition of Sarah goode standing by my bedside, and shee pulled aside the curtain and turned down the sheet and Looked upon my child 4 years old and presently upon it the child was stracke into a great fit that my husband and I could hardly hold it

Sara biber one her oath did owne this har testimony before the Jurriars for Inqwest: this. 28: of June 1692

Sarah Viber
(Note: This appears to be written on the back of an itemized bill)
(In margin) G. Vibber ag'st Goody Good
( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 25 )