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SWP No. 135.5

( Edward Bishop , Sarah Bishop , and Mary Eastey v. Mary Warren )

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Edward Bisshop Aiged Aboute 44: Yeares Sarah Bisshop Aiged Aboute 41: yeares And Mary Eastey Aiged Aboute 56: Yeares all Testifie and Say that Aboute three weekes Agoe to say when wee #(In) was In Salem Goale then and There wee Heard Mary Warrin severall Times say that the Majestrates Might as well Examine Keysars Daughter that had Bin Distracted Many Yeares And take Noatice of what shee said: as well as any of the Afflicted pe'sons for said/ Ma'y warrin when I was Aflicted I thought I saw the Apparission of A hundred persons: for shee said hir Head was Distempered that shee Could Not tell what shee said And the said Mary Tould us that when shee was well Againe shee Could Not say that shee saw any of Apparissons at the time Aforesaid --

(On reverse) Edward Bishop Sarah Bishop Mary Eastey dep'o as #(?) to Mary Warrin Coppie

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 32 )